Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nobody Wonders About Haiti's Clean Clothes

Nobody Remembers...
I hate to do it, and I'm always amazed that anyone can get a white T-shirt so clean it looks like the day they bought it. I certainly can't. I've tried all the cleaners ever deposited on any shelf at any store. Once worn, my clothes all came out...never the same.
Could be my water. Could be, tee-shirts or clothes once worn, and then washed, like the woman who has a baby, will never be the same again. I don't know.
So, here's my problem: Is it me? I remember Rwanda. All those refugees coming over the border...all I remember about them is how very well dressed every one of them looked and how CLEAN they all looked. They were homeless, but they looked like they were standing in line to access their ATM machine.
According to the reports, they had no home, no water, little food, and yet, they looked better dressed than any one here in the United States....and CLEAN.
You did not see this in New Orleans after Katrina. Everyone looked...sweaty, and tired.
And tell me if I'm dreaming, but I'm seeing the same thing in Haiti. Sure, there are the dirty faces and corpses, the "rescue" stories...but the other day, I was watching a reporter filming a bunch of teenage boys fighting over some food in a "camp" and these kids were spotless. Literally...spotless.
No sweat marks, (from the hot sun) and beautifully spotless white shirts. The colors were stunning. The soldiers on the other hand, look...normal. Even their sneakers looked brand new.
So, what's up with this? No food...but clean clothes? And people don't sweat in Haiti?
For being the poorest country in the world, the people are VERY well dressed. I just don't get it
Or are they window dressing?
Like this spooky picture I took over Christmas. I thought it was very pretty. It's the reflection of my outdoor reindeer on the glass of my front dining room window.
It's a cool illusion, don't you think?
I'm all for giving the poor and homeless clean clothes, but...I wish someone would tell us about it. I having delusions?
You tell me.



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