Sunday, January 24, 2010

Modonna... Where's Your Mercy?

Nobody's Opinion:

Clearly, this mother has issues.

This is Madonna's latest "adoptive" baby girl, who she named, Mercy James.

At least she got the name right.

It seems that Madonna can't decide if she wants Mercy to be a ballerina, the reincarnation of Michael Jackson...Al Jolson, or the cast of "Mammy"--- I mean, is it me?

Is this outfit just screaming for a pair of white gloves?

I happened to remember the old Minstrel shows, where white gloves were mandatory. In fact, my brother and I (as young kids) performed in some of them. The men would paint their faces black, and wear white gloves, and sing great old black hymns...and the whole town would come out, sort of like a small town Ed Sullivan show.

At that time, in my little small town, believe it or not, Minstrel shows were not considered "racist." But this was in the late 1950's. It was just a "format" for entertaining. Everyone had some kind of talent. Our town Minstrel Show was the biggest thing to happen all year. It was just plain fun. (Now, we have karaoke and American Idol)

And I always thought that when the men that dressed up in their fine suits and painted black faces, with their white derby hats and white gloves...I thought they were actually doing a tribute to the great black musical heritage of American. That's what I was told. And that's the way that they presented it. They practiced hard on their songs...and they did hand jive stuff...and it was a joy to behold. They would turn off the lights, and you'd just see their hands a was a real sight for everyone.

It was the one night of the year that a bunch of white guys could get together and really sing!

And even though we didn't have too many black folks in town, they were there too. One black lady sang the most beautiful opera songs I've ever heard.

You see, we didn't think about "prejudice" so much. The civil war had been fought, and the south was never to rise again. Even the youngest of kids knew that.

That was before Martin Luther King and the Great Society, rolled in. And then we got hit with the black panthers, and the leftest movements where we were told that forever more, we were an evil, racist, nation. Minstrels were looked back on as horrible blemishes on our nation's psyche.

Which is why, I can't for the life of me, figure out why Madonna, a woman so sensitive to black suffering, put Mercy in this outfit.

After seeing this getup, I can't say I blame Guy Richie for leaving. What mother in her right mind, would fight tooth and nails for a child, spend millions of dollars flying to Africa just to adopt her, and then come back to dress her up as some kind of spectacle?

But, maybe that's just the point. Madonna is using her children to keep her in the tabloids.

Can you see someone like Billy Ray Cyrus adopting a black child and then dressing her up like this? Don't you think someone in the liberal press would say..."Hey, this looks a bit...strange?"

And that brings me to my opinion of the day: We never talk about it, but what is it with the white rich movie stars all adopting black babies? Steven Spielberg started it. Angelina Jolie just adopted another black child (Brad is divorcing and moving in next door.)

It's not that these children are NOT very, very lucky...and don't need good homes...but for just once, I'd like to see a famous rich black couple adopt a poor white child from....Russia, or even Tennessee.

I'd like to see Oprah Winfrey adopt a couple of white kids who lost their parents in a car accident, or to drugs.

The message is always: only the black suffer and we must take care of them, like children.

And here's another thing you don't see. Why don't the black families adopt some of these Haitian kids? All we see are the wonderful white people opening up their hearts and homes to the orphans, as if to say that the "black" families don't have the money.


Somebody take a survey of just how many black families work for the government. And wasn't it just reported that governmental workers actually are doing better in wages than the rest of us?

And if that is happening...why are they not reporting it?

So, has Madonna lost her mind? Has Lady GA-GA driven her over the edge?

Or...could it be that she is getting old, and no one wants to see her naked anymore..soooo the next best thing for keeping herself in all the tabloids (and therefore money) is to cause controversy by adopting poor orphaned black children and dressing them up as organ-grinder monkeys.

Who knows, maybe these black kids will grow up one day, paint their faces white, put on black gloves, and sing good old Conway Twittey a whole new Minstrel Show of their own.

In the meantime, I can't wait to see what Mercy wears to the White House.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas hazards: that criticising Madonna for taste in clothing - and dressing children - will be the same as criticising any woman. That is to say, YOU can do it, Joy, but a man cannot.

It is the same with dressing little girls in high heels or 'whore' outfits. It ain't dads that trawl the small girl's clothing depertments buying 'fashions to dress their children in. Its mothers.

Now, the 'Minstrels' look. In Oz recently we had an almighty row, We had reprised an old and popular show called 'Hey, Hey, Its Saturday' - a slapstick variety program from the 80's done very amateurly to much acclaim. In it is a segment called 'Red Faces' a sort of bizzare talent show with a few really hammy, awful acts which are judged with tongue in cheek.

Five medical doctors (of five different 'racial' backgrounds) did a Black and White Minstrel act. It was funny and silly. One of the 'Judges' was Harry Connick Jr, who was incensed and caused a scene, live on TV, denouncing it as racist. And denouncing AUSTRALIA as a racist country. !!!

Is the man mad?

He lost a LOT of fans that night.

1:34 AM  
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