Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don't You Wish YOU Had a Daddy Bush?

Nobody's Opinion:
There is good news: and there is bad news: The bad news first...
We all heard that Daddy Bush has been very not-so-silently campaigning for his son Jeb Bush to become President, in 2012.
As a family, they are very likable, but really...come on. Enough is enough.
Of course, he will have to become Senator of Florida first, says Dad...and then he can go on to the White House, says the old guy,
How sweet of them to "ask" us.
You see, they are all such great "noble public servants."
They keep visiting Mr. Obama and saying sweet, lovely things about him, so I guess Mr. Obama has some say in the nice for him because...we sure don't.
I found this poster the Democratic Underground site, and I must say, I agree 100% with it. I don't care if Jeb is the best Presidential candidate since Eisenhower ...geez, we just got rid of the Kennedys, for God's sake.
Two Bushes was enough, and if we are going to put in another one, then what's the point of voting at all? The liberals and Democrats hate them, and the Independents would stay home.
And if Jeb got 'voted' in, who would believe it?
Really...what's the point?
We might as well be Cuba.
As I was listening to predictions about Obama serving another four years the other night on Coast to Coast, I just could not believe my ears. Obama's popularity numbers are even lower than Bush W. was at the end of his term, so how in the world would he get in, short of WWIII?
Which, if you were paying attention over the weekend is going to be started on Feb. 11, by Iran.
But then, as the guy kept talking, he said a very significant fact. Before the next election, they will legalize millions of Mexicans, and that's not counting the millions that are getting in each day, and Obama will give them (as the Bushes did and also would) free everything.
Of course he will be relected, unless Jeb runs, and then Jeb does speak better Spanish.
In any case, the global ball keeps rolling.
Now, count the thousands of Haitians coming over and getting instant work, and, with one flick of a pen, Obama would be reelected. The English speaking struggling Americans, will be just a flicker, already being encouraged by even the Pundits on Fox News to move over and let the younger kids get into those jobs.
Yes, Fox news.
Net international migration is expected to add one person every 37 seconds to the U.S. population in January 2010, resulting in an increase in total U.S. population of one person every 14 seconds.
In other words, the country will be, like they predicted, turning into mostly Spanish speaking people. And we will also continue to bring in a high population of Muslims, and whoever else they can cram in.
Jeb Bush is married to a Spanish speaking women, and speaks it himself. By that time, he will be the perfect candidate. So, it seem that the plan is for Obama to serve eight years, and then Jeb Bush will be ready to step in. Daddy Bush has announced it. This is not a tea party conspiracy, they are just getting us ready for it.
BUT...if we are attacked, as Iran says we will be, then Jeb might step in sooner, and Obama go up into the United Nations as the new, and forever more...Global leader.
Did you also hear that Obama is going to give the Internet to the world?
So, what's the good news you say?
So far, they haven't outlawed beer. Give em time.



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Amfortas says:

Anonymous above has an interesting way with words. A Bush perhaps?

4:23 AM  

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