Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Complexing the Gorgeousness of Michio Kaku

Nobody Cares:

“The universe is gorgeous and it did not have to be that way. It could have been random, lifeless, ugly---instead it’s full of rich complexity and diversity”
---Michio Kaku

Yes, Michio Kaku is exactly right. The universe is full of rich complexity and diversity. For instance, look at this Hubble picture. It’s something traveling 11,000mph but no one is exactly sure what it is. Beautiful isn’t it?

So, after listening to him the other night on Coast to Coast, I had to be amused when he blurted out that he thought our planet was on the verge of becoming a Type I civilization (This is his concept of species evolution) based on the fact that…

Why----all over the world you could buy the same designer clothes! Look at that! We’ve evolved as shoppers!

In other words, evidently, when the whole world starts thinking as “one” buying the same clothes, eating the same foods, and living as one...then we will advance to the first stage of true evolution!

And this is a guy who sits around and observes the diverse and beautiful universe?

What happened to diversity and complexity? Where would we be without Lady GA-GA and Elton John? Don’t we NEED complexity and diversity to evolve?

I’m just saying.

On a DNA genetic level, I think even he might agree. Without diversity, you can’t evolve into anything worth a worm hole.

This is the problem with genius. Tom Edison just couldn’t get over the fact that his cylinder records were inferior to the other companies who were making improvements. His son just couldn’t get it through his poor dad’s head, even though their competition proved him wrong, and put him out of the record playing business.

I think we can forgive him.

Columbus, till the day he died, insisted that he had discovered India.

Also, I’d say let’s cut him some slack.

And Michio Kaku, who believes in global warming, and actually says that there ARE no credible scientists who can refute global warming, is either too busy to read and keep up on the latest new facts…OR, he doesn’t have the time to worry about such nonsense.

He said those damning e-mails were just…well, didn’t prove much. The North Pole will still melt he says. Well, frankly, that’s not exactly a scientific fact yet. Just as much as it isn’t a fact that the greed of man can be overcome…which is what you would need in a one-world-fits-all Type One civilization.

I guess when you’re trying to explain the whole universe with just one equation you don’t sweat the small stuff…but he should.

In all matters mathematical, Mr. Kaku is one of a kind. When it comes to explaining string theory, 11 dimensions, there is no one like him. Most of us love his story of how when he was little he used to imagine visions of fish in a pond looking up and not seeing the beautiful world above them.

I certainly hope that the other America is doing much better than this one in that parallel universe right above our heads, and that Joe Biden is just a football coach there.

But even if I think that he might want to think about accepting diversity and complexity when it comes to “human beings,” what is just so adoring about Machio is that what he loves about the universe is what can be said is just so lovable about him. He has fantastic creativity, imagination, and is very full of rich complexity and diversity of all thoughts…and that’s what makes him so gorgeous.

And I for one, am very glad he can buy the Ralph Lauren Loafers he loves, anywhere in the world. I want him to be comfortable while he keeps on imagining his hope for a one answer to everything in the universe.

Maybe then, he can beam us all up. I’ll even wear a universal Star Trek Uniform for the occasion.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Loafers? Why do they have to be in a shop window in Beijingo or a bazzaar in Khartoon? Have credit card and internet and one place provides all.

His ideas about 'evolution' mind you, have a basis in things other than shopping. The sphericality of the planet for one thing, that prevents us moving away from one another after a particular level of population is reached, and forces us to be 'social'. And the Internet for another. It is the nascent Planetary Brain, predicted by Fr. Pierre Tielhard de Chardin, SJ, back in the late thirties and being laid down as I sit here.

4:11 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Well, somehow he thinks that "cultural" matters are the same little boat as "theory of everything" and it's all just one big happy, "let's get everything to melt into one big happy equation" so that I can fulfill my destiny...even have everyone wearing the same clothes and thinking the same wonderful thoughts so there will be no more wars...

Good luck with that.

The comment was absurd. But then again, he IS human.

On the other hand, he sure could use an advisor named amfortas who could tell him to go get his loafers on the internet!


9:21 AM  
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