Friday, March 05, 2010

Our Fast and Reliable Government...

Nobody Wonders:

Is it me? Farouk Umar Abdul Mutallab was caught on December 25, 2009, trying to blow up a plane over Detroit.

It is now, March 5, 2010, and already they have put up 40 of these x-ray machines, with 150 to be deployed everywhere soon. To be use randomly, no doubt, on little old ladies and young girls with young figures, more than likely. They might throw in a few businessmen to make it look good.


It was almost as if they were just some bunker somewhere...for this "attack" to happen.

When does the government EVER do anything this fast?

I'm just saying, they fail at everything, but when it comes to taxes and taking our freedoms away, they work like lighting.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

YOU should worry. WE have Chairman Maosey Kev who can fix everything just by a Press anouncement. He fixed our National Debt which was languishing in the black for many a year but firmly in the red again after just one of his.

And the nation's roofspaces. Everyone (almost) had insulation put in, mostly incorrectly by cowboys sent by a highly popular (amongst Greenie head-bagers) rock-star cum pollie Minister. He has been sacked now for incompetence.

And school halls spinging up everwhere at $3 mil apiece even in bush schools with 10 kids, and city schools that are scheduled for closure within six months.

Kev's deputy and feminazi matriarch behind the throne, Julia Gillard was responsible for that but he doesn't dare sack her or she will take him to the Discrimination Commission which is overseen by Kev's own Office for the Status of Women.

But we don't need x-ray machines at airports just to perve at pulcritudinous ladies. They have to strip off when they reach the head of the queue already. Only other women security officers are allowed to look and 'pat them up' and that has found a huge amount of employment for lesbians.

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