Monday, March 08, 2010

Nobody's Opinion: The Oscars Come Back

Nobody's Opinion:
The Oscars...
The one tradition in America where people can take a night out of their daily lives and dream of...seeing George Clooney get unmercifully razed.
And Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, did a fabulous job at giving Clooney trouble, along with the rest of Hollywood...thanks guys!
Frankly, I cannot imagine why George Clooney 's movie was even nominated. It was filmed here in St. Louis, and I THOUGHT of trying out for an extra just so I could get close enough to him to tell him what an idiot he was. Good heart maybe--- good looking if you like that sort of "I'm an Italian stud farm, smell my brown lies...I mean eyes" sort of look...but by all idiot.
(Which is why he will probably run for office soon.)
Steve and Alec, (along with some great joke writing) gave the Oscars an effortless night, in the old tradition of Johnny Carson. Instead of the "look at me, I'm the whole show-ness" of a Whoopi Goldberg, they brought the Oscars back last night to a more traditional feel. They even had an orchestra!
Compare their (Steve and Alex) performance to Tina Fey and Robbert Downey Jr. They were TRYING to be funny...but manage to blow it completely. After their little monologue I was going, "Huh? What did they say?"
The same with Ben Stiller.
I'm sorry. I grew up on the SNL genius of Steve Martin....Bin Steller is just not funny. He has to dress up in silly costumes to get laughs. And Steve's movies are much more brilliantly written than Ben's. The difference between the two comedians is like much like a five-year-old telling a joke to Bill Cosby---on his day off.
(When Ben was standing there in that AVATAR costume I was looking for a big green HOOK..)
I'm sorry to say, the younger generation has been dumbed down to fart jokes, and sex jokes. It takes true intelligence to make a funny picture with some meaning behind it, and not have some guy depending on a whole table of half-an-hour flatulence.
(That's just my Nobody's Opinion)
That's why Alex is very lucky to hook up with Steve. If Tina Fey had been the "other guy" Alex would have failed miserably.
Now, I admit. Ever since Alex Baldwin called his daughter a pig...I have not been a big fan. On the other hand...whoever released that private call to the world is just as guilty. Right now, I like to watch him...much as someone likes to watch a plane crash.
As far as the rest of the show was concerned...what can you do with an award show? It's bound, by it's very nature, to get a little boring. I actually thought it was pretty fair, considering that everyone was saying Avatar didn't win because no one in Hollywood like James Cameron.
So much in fact that they gave his x-wife a lot of Oscars! Even by that war hater Barbara Streisand. Wow. What did Jim do?---Did they all wake up to the threatening head of a bloody alien on their pillows?
Let's fact reality. Avatar is to be seen for it's sheer beauty of the technological advances. The story, the action...was pretty much what you could see on a Sci-Fi Movie on TV. Tom Hanks HBO productions blow Avatar away in that department.
So, this time, Hollywood actually got it right.
Let's hope that the producers are smart enough to keep Steve and Alex (or Steve and whomever) for all future Oscars.
As for George...I don't think he is going to ever throw another actress into any pool ever again.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

The ones who released the (Baldwin) recording were just as guilty, you say.


In Oz a footballer 'hero' snapped his girlfriend - a 'Model' - in the shower. She was angry. He privately showed a few mates the snap to admire. She was even angrier.

A Women's magazine got hold of it and published it so that 2 MILLION readers could oggle.

Women readers of course.

The Model demanded $200,000 for 'her story'.

All hell broke loose and interviewers had a field day chatting to everyone else, showing the snap on TV to 20 million throughout the day, into the night, all next day. Every channel. Even the female Editor of the magazine had two hours air time with full spreads of her pages and her comments.

Guess who got villified. Guess who was called a 'betrayer'? Guess who was called a 'pervert'? Guess who was called all names under the sun for showing the photo?

Hint - the person has a penis.

More? Ok. He plays football.

2:43 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Sounds about right.

By the way...I have no idea who that football player was...

As you know, I know NOTTING about the game! Who was he? Since the hold world knows but me?

11:40 AM  

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