Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Stephen King

Nobody's Perfect: Stephen King---yes, he's the best. No one has sliced up the people of New England with more entertaining finesse than the master...the consummate road hash of gore.
Mr. English teacher turned millionaire, has not only given many of us the hangover mornings of waking, after watching one of his movies or reading his books, to visions of someone hacking off our innocent heads with a dull hatchet. He has taken the bad moons of many perfectly happy minds and sucked them into his own little world of derangement, obviously enjoying every rock- and- roll minute of it.
And if that is not enough for one human being, he seems to have the capability of not even having to bother with "planning" any book. He has mastered his craft so incredibly well, that he just sits down, turns up his rock music, and voila'...it all comes out with a "So punk...are you felling lucky today?" ease.
But...he's not perfect.
In his latest novel, Under the Dome, Stephen has put a town under a big surreal dome...(I won't spoil it for you) cut off from the world. He covers many a--you better get your batteries and generator- moment in education. But, a novel you would think would be a preachy one about global warming turns out to be a book mostly on....the manipulation of power.
Yes, Stephen shows us the pure horror of the evil politician here, and hides him in the mantle of religion. When it comes to the "games" that the powerful plays, Stephen gets them all right. He is...right on the "get your greenback-hand give me your life, money."
In the novel...the town bully kingpin, Rennie, is trying to "fry" the good guy, ---a decorated soldier of the Iraq war named, Barbie. (After all, a crisis is too good to waste.)
In one scene, in order to grasp hold of complete power of the town, Big Jim Rennie "stages" a riot. He has a guy throw a rock at one of his own deputies, and blames it on Barbie. He rattles off the realistic power play of always having a guy in front taking all the blame while the real killer give the orders. He pretends to be "caring" about the people of his town, when the only thing he cares about is the vast fortune he gets from manufacturing drugs. In the end, he ends up destroying just about everyone.
So, what' s wrong with that?
Well, in any good book, since the beginning of time, you have your villain and your hero. Most of the time, it's black and white. And there is truth in that. Sometimes in life, it is that simple, and Stephen gets it, always has.
But, in the book, as many artists will do, he cannot help but glorify our current President...Obama, because, well he's just so intelligent you know.
So, if you are not a huge supporter of Obama, and see the power plays that he is making every day, you cannot help but wonder to yourself, how can a man, a keen observer of human nature, not see the black and white fact that both parties are ruled by men of the megalomaniac proportions?
What world is he living in?
Stephen sees the Bushes as Evil, and the Obama's of the world as...just peachy
Stephen does not see the big picture. That evil and the hunger for power is in all men...not just the ones who have ties to pickup trucks.
I've tried to solve this strange dichotomy in my mind...all I can come up with is that:
1. He's has spent his whole world in school...the world of universities is the world of the left. They are liberal, and because they are well "read" they consider themselves superiorly educated. They think everyone without a degree is...stupid.
2. He has done waaaaaay to many drugs, and reads mostly...fiction.
3. He was abused as a child by a banjo-playing deliverance guy...
4. Combination of all of the above.
In the end, if you ever read anything by him, you can't help but know, he truly loves people, and America...and killing people for fun to entertain.
And we are all richer for it.
Nevertheless...this nobody thinks Stephen King lives in his own bubble, his own dome of a liberal Northeasterner, surrounded by the sweet autumn leaves security of being the KING at the top.
And may I say, just like George W. Bush, he's not exactly the best...talker. Stephen has been known to put his foot in his mouth more than once.
Someday, maybe, he'll come out from under that dome, and breath the fresh air...of enlightenment. And if he doesn't...we all still love him, after all, he will NEVER, EVER need a stimulus bailout of any kind.
Besides, he's a Red Sox Fan, which means something...I think...I'm sure..uh....
By the way, Under the Dome...great read. Hope they make it in 3-D. I don't think they've sliced a human being in half in 3-D yet...and when they do-- I will close my eyes..and probably peek.
Stephen King...will get his revenge.



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