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Presidentail Libraries: Training Future Tyrannobots

Nobody's Opinion:
As I was suffering through the cable channels yesterday, I ran across that heartwarming, big-body of emotional, slobbering, socialist: Michael Moore. He was complaining to that other emotional slobbering, red-headed, socialist, joy of joy's: Joy Behar-har---that our schools were just horrible...due to...capitalism.
When did I miss this? Our public schools are...NOT run by the government? They are run by companies? Did you catch this? Did I miss something here? Is our government...capitalistic?
Yes, according to Michael, it was due to the free-market system, that our schools were failing all our kids---proving once again, what happens when some people (like Michael) get too rich off of capitalism...They become confused as to WHY they got so rich, because God knows..(and even they themselves suspect) that it's not fair--- because you both know, you're only real talent is being a big idiot for us all to wonder about.
Michael and Joy would make a great comedy sitcom if they weren't so dead serious.
Yes, isn't it strange? A lot of people that have become very rich by evil capitalism, now are proclaiming that capitalism has destroyed our country. You have to laugh when you hear stuff like this---especially when we are all being sucked dry by that big 'capitalistic' tax-vacuum cleaner in the invisible sky, currently known as the United States Government
Saying capitalism needs to be abolished, is much the same as saying guns need to be abolished. Don't they always claim it's the gun's fault for just existing? The fault is never the man (or the politician) who pulls the trigger, is it?
But that's the point...they need to muff both of them out. (Who are they? Keep reading.)
We are daily being bombarded with political pundits piling up case after case of how ineffective government has been in our lives.
I beg to differ.
The one thing you must admit about the very essence of this monstrosity called the United States Government, is that--- when it come to finding money to keep its gluttonous body afloat, every capitalistic CEO in the country should be jealous.
If there is one thing the government has got down to an undeniable's stealing money, in the name of a "representative" two- party system...and making itself incredible rich...on our backs. It's our biggest 'employer.'
Glenn Beck, has been the leader of educating us all to this dangerous overgrown "entity." But...this man who is making a lot of money right now, and not ashamed to say how much he loves the "capitalistic" system he is using, said last week that the "tea party" movement was being controlled by "groups." (Hold on, this seems off topic, but it will come together.)
Funny---as I remember, it was Glenn Beck who first suggested that we all stand up, and that's when the tea parties started. Okay... that guy on Wall Street started it, but Glenn picked it up and made it into a big wheel of tea-party protest.
I've been to several tea parties and they were about regular Americans of every party, standing up and saying," We are tired of it." So, somehow, either he doesn't remember edging us all on...or he is now disclaiming the "tea partiers" like the liberals.
So, the good news is: Glenn is not going to call us names, he is just going to "nudge" us gently into another camp...the 9/12ers.
Glenn, was having a forum last week, on this (his) preferred group, and had members on to talk about all they've done. Glenn Beck is not against the old trick of "just change the name" to redefine whatever he is trying to accomplish. The tea parties will now become, the 9/12ers.
He hopes. "So let it be written, so let it be done." WE MUST KEEP THE SYSTEM IN PLACE.
You see, Glenn hopes to "clean up" the system. Find the not so greedy people to fill both parties.
Good luck with that. People with good intentions...sometimes lead others into hell where there is no water.
Local politicians might get into office on their own...but when it comes to the Federal level you can only run for office with millions of dollars behind you. Running for those offices can only be done by how much money you raise, and now, BIG corporations and unions can pretty much elect whomever they want... and they are NOT going to run little nobodies, unless the nobodies work for them.
Is it any wonder that Multi-billionaire, Republican, Mayor Bloomberg made himself Salt King of New York without a whimper? (Proof, right there.)
Many of us really don't believe that when 'free speech" was adopted by our forefathers, they had in mind, billion-dollar contributions made by huge multi-national companies to elect Presidents, do you? That's not capitalism, and it's not free speech... that's simple oligarchic corruption. That shouldn't be any more legal than a Chicago bribe, but it was celebrated by all conservatives.
Of course, it didn't stop them (big companies) before...the Supreme Court's all just smoke.
The last thing they want is to destroy is the two-party system, which has managed to oppress most all of us now for most of our lives, in one way or another. make sure that Washington never changes it's massiveness of ping-pong to the left, and ping-pong to the right, they are building schools for public servants, in order to put in place the very leaders THEY want to take over. The same ones that have always been in power, with the same connections.
The ones who will know best how to beat out that nasty China by getting OUR people to work for FREE!
How? Presidential libraries will now train our future leaders. Michael Moore, will be happy.
This is NOT capitalism.. and it's not's the continuation of our government, by replacing capitalism with fascism as fast as you can say: Michael Moore is a skinny-dipping bubble-butt.
I'm sorry, this entranced Oligarchy just gets me fired up.
I got this solicitation from the Bush Presidential Library last week, asking for donations--
In it was this statement:
The Center will be home to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, as well as a unique Policy Institute...a first for a Presidential Library, that will bring together America's leading scholars and policy experts who know their way around a host of issues...everything from education and global health to political and economic freedom.
Oh yeah? The FIRST? Try maybe the fourth, after Lyndon Johnson, his daddy, and Bill Clinton's Libraries. And how have these policy experts been doing us all so far?
Clinton's school of future Marxist has been up and running in Arkansas for quite some time now, Mr. Bush. This is from his Library site:
The Clinton School is a graduate school offering its students a Master of Public Service degree. The mission of the school is to "to educate and prepare individuals for public service, incorporating a strategic vision, an authentic voice, and a commitment to the common good." The program is unique within the Presidential Schools for its emphasis on practical courses, which include a practicum, summer internship, and capstone project. The school is further singular for its emphasis on leadership for social change, preparing students to become leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, as well as create bridges amongst those sectors. The Clinton School emphasizes equity, as opposed to the emphasis of efficiency in public administration schools and effectiveness in public policy schools.
Social change?...yeah...that sounds like a very capitalistic mantra to me.
Sounds all very nice and noble until you realized that hand-picked students being are trained by the very leaders who messed us all you really think they are going to give up power so easily?
Can Michael Moore refuse to stare at Joy Baler like she's a big hot fudge Sundae?
When Michael Moore says capitalism has destroyed our country...I'd think it's fair to say that Michael might secretly have a Masters Degree from Clinton's school of public service, and you can believe that Michael, is serving more than one master of our very American 'capitalistic' tyranny.
And more will follow. Freedom, public service, and how to milk the masses from every single penny they have...our leaders are being hand-picked as we speak.
True capitalism, never looked so good....if only we could get more of it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

amfortas says:

Universalist ideas of Education have it that the State should 'ensure' that all children get an education. But frankly that is as far as it should go. Most western countries nevertheless entrust Education of Children to the State. In Oz, 1:3 children go to private schools, outside of the State Education system. This infuriates the socialists (who nevertheless mostly send their own kids to the private schools that they publicly deplore). The State schools are uniformly sub-standard, with a few exceptions.

Indeed, I sent both my kiddies to private schools at enormous personal cost (while paying taxes that educated other people's kids at the same time).

As for Beureaucrat School. Most counties have some sort of in-house training, but as America is now owned by China, it is copying the old Chinese system. Let's just hope they adopt the same teaching methods too which included garroting those who failed their exams.

3:16 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Good for you...and that's why your kids are such successes...

What a great dad.

Alas, on my musician salary I could not afford to send my boy to a private school...I once tried to get him into one of the very excellent "charter" schools here in Missouri, set up for the poor "black" kids...which was MUCH better than the public ones, but they refused him of course...he had great grades...and he was white.

Now, Obama will decide who gets into all the just a few more days...(sigh)

Where is our Knight in Shinning armor? Amfortas, are you getting ready?

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just send the Plane, Hun.

1:55 AM  

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