Monday, March 15, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Obama and Hunter, "Falling to Grace"

Nobody's Perfect: We have two very famous people that stick out this week in the Nobody's Perfect department:
What's worse...a President (Obama)who uses Time Magazine to post a picture of himself as being a leader and follower, IE, even the reincarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ, to further his plans for the takeover of the once great United States? A man who is using this symbol of the cross to help pass his "Health Care Bill" into law...thereby basically killing not only millions of older Americans because they will be deprived of Health Care in their old age...but also being such a hypocrite while doing it. (Remember, he has supported Muslims over Christians at every turn.)
Okay, to be fair...Time Magazine should be held as the bad guy here...but we've all known the Democrats literally own this magazine as it's personal propaganda organ, and has for years, which is the real reason it went out of business. (Okay, almost out of business.)
OR...Rielle Hunter...who has decided to further her career by coming out as the next sex object and hopefully go on to a lucrative career of her own...using Johnny Edwards as a launching pad. None of us would be surprised at this attempt for fortune and fame if it wasn't for the very ridiculous statements that she made when she SAW these pictures of herself in GQ magazine. She "cried for 2 hours" and said they were "repulsive."
In other words...she didn't' think they did her justice because she did NOT look as sexy as she wanted them too. (Do your roots there girl.) We always knew that John Edwards was narcissistic, and now, we see, he really has found his true mate.
She also said John had not fallen from grace...but "to grace"...meaning the first night they met she graced him good.
So, which one of these ....people.... is going to fall to grace with John Edwards?
In my Nobody's Opinion: they are both on the way to another place, where no amount of grace is going to help them.
But one of them...Comrade 'President' Obama is determined to take the rest of us with him.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas wonders:

.... about the modern girl about town. That one is wearing a man's shirt. Perhaps Y fronts too, but I can't quite see. (I looked hard) But that makes her, nevertheless, a transvestite, shirley? Does her Politician boyfriend wear her knickers I wonder. I understand he votes feminist.

I think she should stick to Lycra shorts down to the knee. If she is going to be a bike, at least she ought to dress the part.

Then there is O'Bama. He seems to be getting hisself into a right pickle. Will he call on Michelle to give him a hand? Billybob Clinton handed the whole Health shambles over to Hilary. Maybe that's why it needs a fix.

He has delayed his visit to our Chaiman Maosy Kev and shortened it to a fly-in, fly-out with perhaps a short meal while they refuel the plane. Kev could have put him right about health care policies.

We have a sound system that takes reasonable care of old folk, and young ones for that matter. Mind you, they are mainly female. The chaps here get the tail ends. But Kev is going to fix all that. He promised. He promised too that the States would all fall into line behind his Great Leadership. That was before he announced that they would pay him to take over their job running the show.

We, the people of Oz, are pleased that things won't change from the tolerable system we have. Whatever Chairman Kev decides doesn't ever get done.

2:13 AM  
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