Friday, March 19, 2010

Nobody Wins: Checkmate

Nobody Wins: I'm inclined to say...that the New World Order of engineered bunnies will be taking place faster than we all think.

All day long, we have been watching "votes" for the United States of America to begin her final phase into the new THIRD WAY--they don't dare call it that anymore, but that's seems to be what it is.

The smarter Congressmen are holding out for the biggest bribes.

Some said, this never before mandate of "health care" was a done deal., it was far from done. Who do you believe?

Friday morning I was feeling hopeful upon reading Phyllis Schlafly's reminder that once upon a time, she fought a mighty battle for battle to stop the ERA...this is what she wrote---

Unlike our present battle, all "the powers that be" were against us back then - both houses of Congress, three Presidents (Nixon, Ford, and Carter), all of the First Ladies, all the Hollywood celebrities, 99% of the media, and even a large percentage of the American public.

For years after that vote, the media made her out to be the one women in the world that had stopped the advancement of women...she was Medusa with a capitol M. That's how controlled the news has been...and for just how long.

But times have changed. Even though it seems half the Congress claims to be with the American people, the whole system is so much more much more powerful, than when Phyllis fought her battles.

Pray she said...okay, I'm praying, but I've also been paying very close attention to them all.

Just a few minutes ago...Neil Cavuto announced that Fox news would be monitoring the whole event this weekend, and then, said casually that, on Monday...Jeb Bush would be with him to sum it all up, and announce maybe even his run for the Presidency.

Almost as if things were going just as planned. Jeb will come in and save the day. Somewhere the chess board pieces are lined up perfectly in the attack..

Whose gonna be his running mate...Romney? Palin? I mean...where has the feisty Plain been on all of this. Is she going to be speaking in Washington?

I don't think so. gee. What happened Sarah?

Gee...why even watch?

The truth be told that Health care must be passed in order to ration care, in order to save the government by corporations, in order to compete with China. In other's state mandate of execution by rationing... for an awful lot of people.

It's that simple. Not to mention, they are working very hard to get complete control over our water, our energy, and our jobs. If you think I'm crazy then watch that stimulation on cyber-security that CNN had on last week. They nationalize...utilities...internet...just everything, and federalize the National Guard.

That was one of the scariest programs I've ever seen. I'd face Freddie over that panel any day.

This weekend, good folks will gather in Washington...and the vote will be soooo close. That's what we will be told. Isn't it funny how everything seems to come down to one vote?

Well, I think Phyllis is right. Only God can help America now.

You know the Republican are now saying: "Hey, we can't save the country, but the American people can."

Yeah---Now if they would only get out of our way..



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

With sinking heart. So the Republicans are rolling out its version of the Aristocracy. Baron Bush the Younger Still.

My penis, Viscount the Honourable Percy Wingman, has more sensitivity and sense than the Bush clan. Is there no end in sight for the American malaise?

The American 'Character' is on its last legs and I fear for that magnificent nation.

I have tried, Joyanna. With your help I ran for President. Clearly my handsome good looks, bearded and hidden from view did not attract the female vote. Even Sarah could not get enough. Maybe it is time for me to undo my flies and let the Viscount stand forth proudly, strong and straight, for office.

Percy for President. !!

9:40 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...


So...all your conquests hollered...
Mercy!Mercy!Oh Percy!


You never seize to amaze and humor me..and no doubt, we need a man with a good viscount to help us out over here...!

Stand proud...even if you lose...every one will salute.

8:56 AM  
Blogger job said...


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