Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nobody Reports: White House Decor

Nobody Reports:
Somehow, no matter where Obama is in the White House, the background behind him has the feel of a Saudi King's palace...Gold, smacks of the decor of Muslim Kings. I'VE been to those rooms, and they HAVE changed the decor. Most Presidents do this, but not in such an un-American way. Nevertheless, they make sure they have some past President in the background, or the American flag, so you will not question the authority.
He makes sure you see the American flag, in fact, he is using the flag more and more because he is going to use his powerful office more and more
But in the next year...check out the curtains, the lamps.., look at the symbols.
Always pay attention of the props, they are just as important as his words, if not more.
The background he had while talking to Bret Baier...was frankly...disturbing.
And look at his eyes. This man is playing all angles. Time magazine puts his picture in front of a it's as if he is communicating to his Muslim brothers.
I'm ready for him to come out in his Muslim robes...won't be long....and Michelle...will start wearing scarfs...
Okay, enough. The stars are out...and a crescent moon, we will have to they did...
So, sorry. I don't know why it bothers me...but it does.
Wait...did I say crescent moon? Jezzzzzz



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Yes the sybolism is important. I rarely make any pronouncement without sitting on my Throne with a ball in my hand. Right now in fact, although it is a beach ball as I have just returned from my daily stroll onthe sands.

Pres. O'Barmy has just announced (well, a chap of his has) that he can't come to Oz this weekend. I was looking forward to it and having a long chat with him. Something to do with his Health or someone called Bill who is close to his heart apparantly.

He was to have taken some emergency lessons from our Great Leader, Chairman Maosey Kev, the Super-Pubic-Servant who knows What is Best for us. Kev uses really big symbols. He regulalry decries our Opposition Leader Mr Abbott, over his name and the fact that he once studied to be a Priest. Yet Kev has taken to giving TV Press interviews on the steps of a friggin' Church every sunday morning. When things get really tough for him, I fully expect him to do the rounds of Synagogues, Immamaries, Bhuddist Temples and Scientology office blocks for his pronouncements.

I will just use my Throne.

1:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas adds:

Regarding my strolls, mentioned in passing above. Chairman Kev does little in the way of exercise, whilst I of course would take O'Barmy for a gentle 3k walk along the beach at Opossum Bay. Barefoot in the little waves.

The last Prime Minister, Mr Howard, 'power walked' EVERY morming at sparrows fart, much to the angst of the media who not only had to get up very early, but keep up too.

Mr Abbott bike rides with all the Lycra skin-tight paraphernalia. I just can't see the Secret Service detail in lycra, can you? That ould be a no-no. But he also does surf life-saving and is known to appear for interviews in his tiny swimming togs, called 'Speedos' but dubbed 'Budgie Smugglers'.

I AM sure that Americans would love to see O'Barmy's sugar-lumps, even just to check he has any.


And imagine the Secret Service heavies in tiny togs and holsters.

Let's see you find an appropriate photo for that, Joy.

2:10 AM  

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