Sunday, March 21, 2010

Universal Health Care is just the beginning....

Nobody's Opinion:
Well...I think Rush Limbaugh's hope has run out. King Obama has just done what he was sent to do...(By Dem's and RINOS alike)
He got his wish.
BUT...Universal Health Care, and the continued destruction of the United States, will forever be blamed on a black President.
How convenient, for George W. Bush.
Next step on their agenda... another attack...this time, the "warnings" are clear...(CNN has told us, boys and girls, not to many press releases do you NEED?)
Everything will be shut off due to a cyber-attack, and King Obama will take over and nationalize just about everything else in the country..Chavez will be proud.
Of will be blamed on China, or some little "terrorist" in our own country. And there will be no "counter-attack." I mean..if one little person does it, you can't blame a country now, can you? You also can't blame you're own government
Who can you blame?
How about...the media for working for these guys. Maybe the protest today should have been at that propaganda mechanism right across the street from the White House, disguised as a Newsmusesm. little tunnel trip and your "congressmen" is right there to deliver the message of the how racist we all are.
Sheila Jackson was a disgrace today on the floor. Talk about playing the race, let's not talk about it. They got so desperate that they had to play it...
I'm so disgusted I could spit peanuts.
If we don't all stand up and fight...resist this takeover of our lives..and start realizing that we are being lead into the fire of "social global engineering," then I fear this will be me someday.
Do me a favor...if you pass me by.....throw me a good pair of tennis shoes!
Now, let's go find our George Washington.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas splutters...:


That is Bourgwarse !

Here is the Nation, the Land of the Free, going to the dogs and you want free tennis shoes?

Each according to their need, remember. Did Solznizyn ask for tennis shoes in the Gulag? All your Gulags are going to be in the Mojave Desert. Sand shoes would be better. Your tongue will dry up and sand shoe tongues will be currency.

But don't worry, the health service will be free.


2:58 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Obama is going to give the "minorities" education..

the least he can do is give the poor old white ladies tennis shoes!

Gulag? I have a basement...I might not come out.

4:42 PM  
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