Monday, March 22, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Cable Networks.

Nobody's Perfect: Once again(this has happened before) ...all state controlled, dumb and dumber, major news the Nobody's Perfect award for the week of bloody Sunday. All of them. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ...
I wanna know...
When a crowd of over 200,000 gather on the Capitol steps, Washington D.C. on one side on a Sunday afternoon, and---about only a crowd of at MOST--- 10,000 teapartiers gather on the other side...why is it that the biggest crowd is virtually ignored: mentioned only very briefly IF AT ALL... by every single major cable station in America.
What...this huge crowd was not news?
FOX news covered the Health Care debate all day....not one shot of this huge crowd was shown.
At least, I didn't see one, and I watched most of the day.Glenn Beck, I don't believe mentioned this crowd either.
We all should find this extremely offensive for the very reason that the people that will benefit the most from this health care system overhaul are the illegals.
Fair and balanced?
If they were really trying to stop this horrible passage, all they had to do was show the unions and thousands of MEXICANS gathered on the other side of the Capitol.
Geee...uh....what happened? Nancy Pelosi was just too pretty for the camera?
If you believe that nothing is a coincidence, as I do, then the reason they acted like this gathering of over 200,000 unions and Mexicans was nothing, is simply because--- the dirty little secret is: BOTH parties wanted this to happen. When you have no power, you can rant and rave all you want to shore up points.
"Why...why...this is an outrage!" Really? American Idol...battle of the parties...great TV.
Carefully controlled media...President Bush waited until the LAST six months of his Presidency to pull off that "crisis" of saving the banks and rich guy from Wall Street was handed over complete control of bailouts. ONE guy.
And Obama's horrible and huge tsunami of taxes and death will come in...oh...2014...after he's been elected to his second term.
How wonderfully convenient. I suppose the next President will be able to run all the unpopular programs he wants passed, and make them all go into law...say...after he is out of office.
What the &$% is this?
Both Presidents...both parties...are following the plans. And if you believe Tom Hanks, when he points out in the Divinci Code that there IS no Illuminati...
Then you also believe in the tooth fairy.
The only good thing I saw was John Voit...saying we are losing our freedoms...he forgot to mention some of are also losing our ability to know, when we are being conned.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas notes:

.... that Geoege Bush has been 'appointed' by O'Barmy to 'sort out' Northern Ireland.

You know of that place, a group of six counties about half the size of Manhattan Island where the people consistently and democratically vote to belong in the British Isles.

America used to fund the terrorist group, the IRA, to make terror war on the poor sods in NI and even occasionally to go across to England (never Wales or Scotland) and randomly blow up people.

The Kennedy clan had a lot to do with it and Clinton acted as 'dishonest' broker for a while until the British were persuaded to take the senior eschelon of the Terrorists and elect them to Parliament. It wasn't enough of course.

So again America interferes. But at least it will keep Bushy out of O'Blamey's tight, curly hair.

6:33 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Yes, you are ever so right. The Irish came to Boston, and they never left...the Kennedy clan...and sent millions over to the terrorists and then Bill Clinton came to save the day..

We are excellent at creating problems so we can come in and take over with "solutions"

We also trained bin laden...

Yes, and the people still think they have control...

HA! it true that Bush is going over? Truly...absurd.

9:58 AM  
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