Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Where' s YOUR Global Head?

Nobody Knows---why some of the people in the United States feel hopeless about "change" of any kind, and why some of the more optimistic souls feel there is always hope.

I've been giving this a lot of thought recently. It all comes down to economics, as far as I can see. If you are doing fairly well, you think, the elections will come, the Democrats will be thrown out, and your life will continue. Besides, what's the use of looking at a glass half empty? Every sensible person will tell you how great things can be done against great odds, and that is true.

But...if you happen to be on the bottom half of the country economically speaking, and has just found out that in the future, what little you have managed to save, will be taken away, and that includes not only retirement money, but houses, cars, and medical care...the future "change" doesn't look so hot.

As I drove to my neighborhood yesterday, one that I have lived in for decades, the houses are all run-down. The neighborhood that was once mostly white-collared workers, working for McDonald-Douglass and Ford, have all been replaced by black families working for the government. Up the street from my house, where there was a classy shopping center, the whole mall has been replaced with government offices, and a school to train, mostly the black people for free. McDonald-Douglass and Ford...gone.

The main strip has mostly pawn shops, and fast food places. Yes, America has become one big strip mall..which is not necessarily bad...but the CHAINS of big corporations, has put one family business after another out of business. "Globalization" has left us with not much choice BUT to downsize the middle classes. The unions broke the rest.

Much of the middle of the country has been...economically destroyed. Monsanto and the government have taken over the agriculture. Detroit, St. Louis, New Orleans--- once great cities with a high middle class...gone. The millions killed by abortions, have left us so depleted that it's no wonder they fill us with illegals and hope they have babies. They need population to pay the huge bureaucracy.

I went to vote yesterday. The people behind the tables were all old white folks volunteering their time to earn a few bucks for the day. There was around 15 people there to guide the voters. My husband and I were the only people voting, on the issue of a huge tax increase to build a major train system, a tax that had failed miserably just two years ago. (The city is mostly black.)

The old people looked very depressed and I can see why. It takes four months of their social security checks to just pay their property taxes in our city, they do not get a break.

But---if you are a retired minority, your property taxes are picked up by the state, as well as your utility bills. So, that's how they do it....redistribution has been going on right under our nose with race redistribution.

It's nothing new.

Yesterday, Dan Quayle came out with a not go third party, because, Perot put in Bill Clinton.

I remember voting for Perot. I also remember hundreds of old white, worn out people, tired of seeing their jobs and their money leaving the country, standing in a hopeful line with me.
In all my years, I had never seen such a turnout. I doubt if there was many people that day that did NOT vote for Perot. I was hopeful...that he would win. But, instead, he was vilified.

So, now, and until the election...the Tea Party's only hope, we are Republicans.

Oh boy.

This morning I heard the news...the "metro" tax was passed, (the same one that failed miserably only two years ago) by an overwhelming majority, and I've realized I've come full circle. When I was young I never voted, because I truly believed my vote did not matter...all politics was corrupt. I only started voting because a college professor told me I should.

I might not ever vote again. The good guys, in my neighborhood...ALWAYS lose. We might as well be Cuba, and I truly mean that. That's how bad it's gotten. Sometimes, you have to face facts...and the facts don't look too good. At least in the first Revolution, the English had to cross the ocean. Everyone had the same gun.

You give free destroy a man's right to work for himself. You might as well give up and move.

I suspect that in our next Presidential election..the man running against Obama...will either be Jeb Bush, or Romney, or some other globalist who will continue with the same "change." Like Celente Gerald has said...we have two parties with one head.

The only way for us to survive, is to cut the head off...trouble is: It's hidden and locked away deep in the scared vaults of the glorious globalization,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas empathises:

I know just how you feel, m'dear. And did I forget that you gave your support to Perot? I certainly remember your support for ME as President.

I was well acquainted with Perot's Vice Presidential running-mate, the Glorious and Honourable man, Vice-Admiral Jim Stockdale, God rest his soul. Getting rid of the tired but steadfastly corrupt major parties with their total disregard for what the People actually want is essential around the western world.

In my own small part of the world - Tasmoania - we have just had a State Election. The Governing Party ('Labor', what you would call 'Democrat')has had a stranglehold for several decades. In our modest parliament of just 25 seats, they managed to get 10. Their main opposition ('Republican' - but we call them 'Liberal) also got ten seats, - but more votes. The other five seats went to thick and useless Greenies. This is hicksville you understand.

Guess who has been told by the (Appointed) Governor to form a new Government.

Roundly rejected by the majority, the Labor Party is back in !

They OWN everybody of note.

The old and now new again State Government Premier of course appointed the friggin' Guvernor.

2:52 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Wow...sounds like here! They get in, and they have it arranged that you can NEVER get them out.

Seems like we need a WORLD revolution to conteract the WORLD Global Government...

Want to be President of the World?
Are you up for it?

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much Me and so little time. !!


3:34 AM  

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