Saturday, April 10, 2010

Email: Heartfelt Condolences to a Nation...

Nobody Gets EMail and Reports:
FDR, the idol President of the liberal American left, once said that nothing that happens in politics is a coincidence.
Therefore, I feel no guilt WHATSOEVER on pointing out...what everyone in the world is thinking...That when there is a plane crash, on Russian soil, and the President of Poland is killed, along with his whole military staff...and no one is left alive....on a weekend, right after and before a major NUCLEAR World Summit....something's up.
Poland is a country who's leaders have been furious at Obama's relationship with the Russians, and the fact that he disarmed our nukes from their country...and the fact that they kept criticizing him probably got really annoying.
One can honestly say: Looks like a conspiracy to me! (Don't worry, if you can't say it...I will. I'm a nobody.) If you say ...plane crashes happen every day...then ask yourself...what are the odds on THIS one going down at exactly the right time in history, with EXACLTY the right people on it?
Having President Putin take over the investigation, is much like having having Al Capone take over the investigation of the Chicago's mob's earnings in Las Vegas.
I'd say that's pretty much the proof right there. Plus the fact that they treated it like a simple car wreck---Tiger Woods got more press.
And speaking of the one dare investigate it. We have all been programmed to never investigate...ever...never...unless of course, there is SEX involved---then it's okay.
As we can see, by this poor man helping out the investigation above, Putin is bound and determine to find out what happened.
I'll bet...they will say the pilot was...drunk, or just plain...stupid.
If I was Benjamin Netenyahu, I wouldn't go anywhere near that summit either.
(And yes, I can honestly say, I'm not the ONLY one making things up.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas observes....:

....a Pole-ax.

12:06 AM  

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