Monday, April 12, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Ahmed Karzai

Nobody's Perfect;
Ahmed Karzai...what are you going to do with him? Fareed Zakaria, wrote a Washington Post piece this week saying that, sure..he's currupt and horrible, but we should keep him...he's all we got.
Ya gotta love that reasoning.
After 9/11,---Americans were surprised to learn that some little country called Afghanistan was a hotbed for these mean little suckers called the Taliban--- terrorists that wanted all Americans dead. After all, most of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi figure.
The fact that we armed, and trained the Taliban in the first place to fight the Russians, was a mute fact....oops.
Anyway, whether it was Charlie Wilson's war, or George Bush's revenge, it hardly matters, how we got into that mess overseas. After 9/11, the United States needed a KING to put in charge of Afghanistan to do their bidding, and so they came up with this x CIA guy whose family were of royal Afghan descent....whatever that means.
While good American soldiers were dying in Iraq, it seems this guy and his brother were setting up a nice living in the palaces of Kabul, with the money from those really cool poppy fields. Many of us wondered how come we let all those poppy fields just keep popping, but nobody ever talks about it. They say, that WE wanted to get rid of them, but Karzai talked us out of it.
This guy...gets around.
Now that Iraq is firmly in the hands of Nouri-al Maliki, who prefers the Shiites, our 'President' took our boys out of Iraq and sent them all to fight the Taliban.
As you can see from the outfit, Karzai takes this kingship stuff very seriously. In the last election, we were told that the Karzai administration, according to the Afghan people, were much more corrupt than the Taliban. They wanted the old guys back. The election results were questioned...but wow! He won!
This probably means that Karzai is not cutting in certain people on the poppy trade, because his brother runs it all. Therefore Obama made a dash over to see him, March 28, and it was the Olympics all over again.
Not to be outdone--- after Karzai has received billions upon billions of our taxpayers money, to rebuild and fight for his KINGDOM, using the sacrifice of American blood,....he has now decided to be best buddies with Ahmadinejad, the reason we are suppose to be in Afghanistan in the first place.
So, what can we think of this man who acts like a typical political weasel? We have so many weasels it's getting hard to tell the slimy wily weasels from the slimy sand snakes.
The lesson? When you have possession of 90% of the heroin market of the world in your can just about make a fool of any leader you like. Presidents of countries will fly over to shake your hand, give you money, and even, help you stay in power.
Karzai likes the Taliban now. Obama is thinking of accepting them too. What's that tell you?
When they legalize marijuana, the bumper crop of opium should go sky high. Chicago is already to go.
Anyway...I have no idea what the Sam Hill they are all doing, all of the are nuts. I just didn't want to talk about the imperfections of Tiger Woods.
I mean, Karzai, by giving the Taliban access to the opium, which buys the weapons to kill our soldiers...I hardly think Tiger matches up to that, no matter how many women come out of the closet.
Tiger is a choir boy compared to Karzai, which is why everyone is talking about him instead.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas is as mad as all hell...:

.... at the whole Afghanistan thing. I have no idea at all why Oz troops are wandering around Afghani deserts when we have jolly fine deserts of our own. Is it in 'Australia's Best Interests'? I doubt it simply because they are ignoring the friggin' poppies.

If they were burning the poppy fields I could understand it. Those blooby Afghans are directly competing with Tasmania. WE grow half the world's supply of heroin here in what used to be called The Apple Isle (we don't grow apples any more) and it would be 100% if we got rid of the Afghan and Columbian competition.

We tried many years ago. We imported most of Afghanistan's camels and most of their camel drivers in a 'brain-drain' effort. That was back a century or two. We have hundreds of thousands of wild camels now and a train from Adelaide to Darwin called the 'Ghan'. It goes through several thosand miles of desert so that passengers can look at the camels. There's nowt else to see out there.

4:17 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Wow...who knew there were poppies and camels in Australia?

Thanks for giving this nobody mind the info that only YOU can give!

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We imported cane toads and rabbits too and both are at plague proportion here. Then there's all the buffalos (water type, not hairy ones) and the Roos. We have more Roos than sheep and we have more sheep than people.

12:48 AM  

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