Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nobody Knows How Much a Nuclear Summit Cost...

Nobody Knows: How much more can we take?
Another day-- another goofy Obama summit...(notice the O in the branding logo of the name?)
Obama just loves to make himself feel important...so what a better way than to boost your ego than to invite everyone on the planet to come and listen to you, the most important man in the universe---talk. Obama decided to make 47 countries and their leaders all come to Washington D.C. to discuss about how they are all going to just stop making nuclear weapons. Well, nobody is going to stop but us, but he wanted to throw a big party to make that clear.
Wow...how much did THAT cost us? Even if everyone did all pay their own airfare...I bet we had to pay for the food, the hotels, the late night parties...and not to mention the security alone for just HIS HIGHNESS BARACK was enough to add another few trillion to the deficit. I bet Washington D.C. looked like North Korea on steroids.
How much did all that security cost? Were there soldiers on every corner? Did you HEAR about the soldiers on every corner?
No wonder he sent Michelle out of the country.
How successful was Obama's plan? We let the whole world know, that we will not be the ones to mess up the lovely planet of green grass and national monuments. No, we are getting rid of all our nuclear weapons, ...and let the world watch.
That's his plan.
Yes, the President, wants to assure the world, that he doesn't give a hoot about the American people...'just kill them as you wish,' and if you MUST...but please...use chemical, gas, viruses, Ebola, EMP, you know....go for it. Just leave the birds and bees, and the Congresses big mansions...which are all OVER the place.
Obama, saving the planet...one creative step at a time, and having a really great time doing it! (Which is the real reason there were no reporters allowed. You can't bribe a dictator if there are camera's!)
Somebody needs to find this man's girlfriends, and fast.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas wonders..."

... why America needs nuclear weapons at all. It isn't as though the French are just 20 miles away across a narrow sea channel.

You worry about America NOT having nuclear weapons and having Obama instead. I worry about America AND Obama having nuclear weapons. I have to ask this Dear Joyanna, love you as I do, but can America be trusted with things that go bang? Can't you just threaten the Arabs with highjacking their airliners and crashing them on minarets? When they did that it scared the shite out of America.

12:57 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Wow...great idea amfortas...
You truly ARE Presidential material..


10:18 AM  

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