Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nobody Cares About the Rich

Nobody Cares---but me when it comes to criticizing the rich and what they spend their money one of my favorite vices.
For instance, in the first picture, we see a movie room and sound system, that is definitely worth whatever zillions the man paid for it.
In the next picture, we see, bottles of slightly more than ordinary alcohol that tastes just as good as any bottle of cheap champagne...But these babies go for $75,000 a bottle. No doubt the state department has already a few on board Air Force One, (Obama)Two, (Hillary)Three, (Pelosi)and Four.(one extra just for the Saudi Kings)
If I had to choose, put me in the first picture with a Coke and buttered popcorn, and I would probably do a Hitler and watch TV every single night. (Did you know he did that?)
Then, on Saturday night, I'd take the Don to an old drive-in, somewhere near an old train station. (Just one bottle would be plenty) I would need to bring along a pot of tea, to get my husband to come along, and it would have to be a Stephen King/Rambo movie, double feature.
Nobody cares as much as I do, about keeping track of what the rich spend. I promise to do a better nobody job on the future, it's a hard job, but somebody has to do it.



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