Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nobody Knows Where the Bunkers Are...

Nobody Knows: Did you know that our government has over40 underground bunkers throughout the United States, along with a shadow government already in place for our rich politicians if we are attacked?
And do you also know, that this is the New Cook County Correctional Center in Chicago, IL, built by "Obama" who got the funds for it--- And did you know it's here he plans to put the GITMO prisoners?
Now...seeing how really fancy our prisons are starting to look, can you even imagine how wonderfully equipped the underground bunkers for all our "rulers" are?
I bet you can count on swimming pools, sauna's, hot tubs, and probably even a golf course or two. I wonder if all the movie stars will have a private bunker waiting for you think they would leave Angelina Jolie above ground?
And what do the citizens have? No worry, they are getting the men ready for the nuclear winter with video games like FALLOUT THREE, where you can walk around the remnants of very gloomy and dark destroyed cities, like Washington D.C. and practice shooting people and goons in the destroyed subways of New York. They are getting us all prepared.
But, that prison is something, isn't it? If I was homeless...I'd be tempted to commit a crime just to get three great meals a day...and do nothing but play basketball, watch TV, and work out...maybe get a degree...
Nobody Knows where these nuclear fallout bunkers are (The 40 number is from the Washington Post) or what they look like, but I think it's a good thing...otherwise, their worries about an armed revolution would probably happen sooner than later.
But...what do I know? I do know one thing....none of us will ever see the inside of one.
Hey it's EARTH DAY! I had to think about something!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas has considered....:

....Jail time too. One day the Tax Office will catch up with me for refusing to pay tax for the past ten years, and throw me in the slammer. I am quite looking forward to the rent holiday. I am aware that the facilities - even in outback Tasmania - are quite sumptuous. The Gumnut has spent several tens of millions of Aussie super-bucks on our local prison and their decor is much better than wot I av a t'home.

Mind you, the company is not all that good. Most of one's neighbours would dismember you as soon as look at you, which is a step down from my neighbours who dsetroyed the house across the road one night in order to star on YouTube.

But, I pride myself on having a small grasp of human understanding and think I could find ways of getting along with the psychos in prison.

Now, were it possible to have adjoining cells, I am sure we would have some fine conversations in the exercise hall.

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas also recalls.....:

Dr Strangelove, aka Peter Sellars and his "I heff ein plen, Mein Pressident". He has crunched the numbers regarding underground shelters and decided that Angelina Jolly and her girlfriends would not only not be left upstairs but get priority accomodations. One hundred women per chap I think his calculations required for repopulation.

7:35 PM  
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