Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sandra Bullock: An Oscar, A Black Baby...What's next?

Nobody Cares:
Here's a twist: The best movie actress in the world, (Meryl Streep) who truly gives what I consider her finest performance on screen, an actress that takes a living legend and imitates her so well, (Julia Child) you can hardly tell the actor from the real deal...loses the Oscar to another actress (Sandra Bullock) who plays a white woman (Leigh Anne Tochy) who adopts a black son, and helps him become a success.
While Sandra did a fine job, it really was the movie's theme...the wonderfully political correctness of the script, that gave Sandra the edge in Hollywood. Therefore for once the politically correctness of the liberals who swear by their compassion of saving the world, slapped a rather nasty insult at one of their beloved, and took Oscar from the one who really deserved it.
The world before the ego! Redistribution! And a more "JUST" society!
Ha! ha!
And now, keep her damaged image as the woman who couldn't keep her man faithful, and to stop all the gossip, and because being a single mom is just so...IN STYLE...Sandra "adopts" (Oh didn't we tell you? She's been keeping him a SECRET!) a black child, just like the white woman hero, Leigh Anne Tochy in the movie, so we will all really feel how wonderful she truly is!
Trouble is: if Jesse and Sandra really did adopt this child a year ago...why did they keep him a secret? Was it because the baby was being used as a ...dare I say it..prop? Were they ashamed of his...blackness? ( I say this because liberals are always saying how racist white people are and uh...Jesse and Sandra are uh...white.)
Or were they saving him for the right moment to promote the movie?
They said, they were going to tell us all AFTER her Oscar. Oh.
I think Merly Streep should start a cooking school in Haiti, and donate all her money to give out free food to that poor population every single day.
I would not let Sandra have the last word, Meryl. Go her who's boss.
(Nobody makes this stuff up.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...


... rather likes Sandra. She's a 'trooper'. A fine looking gel.

But I am quite dissappointed in her and the way the media overlooks certain matters. I am sure they would overlook, just the same, Meryl Steep.

When she and Jesse broke up ( I do not condone his infidelity one bit) she followed the Mrs Tiger Woods line and while she only 'wanted' to have Jesse 'beaten up', she didn't go so far as to use a nine-iron on him or get some of her male friends to play 'let's you and him fight'.

This along with 'There is NO excuse or DV' at the same time, and verbal remarks like that being enough to land a man in jail for 'verbal violence'.

As with Mrs Tiger, no action was taken against her at all. Denials all around even !

So she may have restrained herself but seems to have let loose on the little black boy. She is reported to have said that his Circumcision was the 'best day of her life'.


She must have some real bad days if the genital mutilation of child is her 'best' day.

Thank goodness it wasn't a little girl baby having her clitoris hood cut off with a razor. I doubt she would get on the front page of a woman's magazine all happy and smiling.

Now some might say that it is 'tradition' or 'Jewish' or a 'cultural' issue or even 'well boys often have their penises multilated so its all right' that we must respect, but we DON'T 'respect' genital mutilation of girls, do we?. We don't accept those stupid excuses with a girl. So why no outcry against the genital mutilation of this little boy?

Oh, by the way. Sandra - good woman that she is - has raised Jessie's daughter as her own from birth. Now they are getting divorced will SHE have to pay for the maintenance of the child just as any man would have to? She is the one with the stupendous income, after all. Will she have to keep him in the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed? If a man has not biologically fathered a child but takes on the task anyway he is held to be responsible for that child until it is adult. He has to pay. Test case after test case in the Courts have continually affirmed that HE HAS TO PAY.

Will she have to?

And will she have to go to Court continually whenever Jessie decides that the child is 'too busy' for Sandra's visitation day once a fortnight?

I think there is plenty for the women's magazines to talk about between Oscar ceremonies.

But don't hold your breath.

12:43 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Well said!

But, I did hear, that actaully, Jesse has more money than Sandra...due to the fact that he has his own company of motorcycle lisenses...and other business enterprises.

I bet, there was a prenup.

As for the mutilation? I'm with you.

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

It looks like he took rather more license than was good for him.

2:36 AM  
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