Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nobody Knows: Jeb Bush...Half Mexican?

Nobody Knows: Who knew that the Bush family was of Mexican blood? The news was admitted today that Jeb Bush, who vehemently condemned Arizona for prosecuting the "civil" rights of illegal aliens by saying:
"I'm Mexican-American, I could be picked up."
We should have suspected it when his brother, President George W. Bush, reprimanded native patriots for trying to protect their own borders, by calling them all "vigilantes."
Wow, were WE stupid.
I always wondered why Daddy Bush broke down in front of the camera's not too long ago...what did Jeb say to him?
"It's okay dad. We have it all arranged with the Paraguay government. We've bought up hundreds of thousands of acres of land for all the Bush family, in Argentina and Paraguay. We will also be sitting on one of the biggest fresh water aquifers in all the world. We will have over 16,000 troops to protect us...should Obama manage to stay in power. Dad, don't worry. We won't tell mom about Juanita. You know, we got a good deal on this land with Mr. Moon, and look at all the money we made on the weapons deals! And Dad, we have been excellent public servants, it's time we get back to our own country. And they can't get us for any crimes there either Dad. Paraguay has no extradition trades with the U.S. And if they hit the U.S. with nukes, hell dad, Paraguay is the safest place in the world to be! Fresh water forever! All the grandchildren can grow up on a ranch, just like the one in Texas!. Don't worry dad. If for some reason, the communists don't let me into the Presidency, we will always have our ranch, Papa. it's Okay. I promise not to wear those silly hats...George just gets carried away."
(Nobody Makes this stuff up. Well, not the ranch...they DO own property in South America. And the question many other of the elite do too?)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

At least there is little chance of the Bush clan buying up in Oz.

For a start we call all the the usless scrub and desert here, in fact pretty well everything outside the major cites, "The Bush".

Then, as the Bush mob claims to be from Texas (which America stole from Mexico) they would be really pissed off that we have several 'ranches' here (we call them 'Stations') that are BIGGER than Texas already.

1:15 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Yes...but is there water underneath?

10:05 PM  

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