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Trucking In the Strippers

Nobody's Opinion: You've heard the argument, I'm sure--- that smoking marijuana, would eventually lead to the bigger cocaine, heroin, and pretty soon, you are a major drug addict, making your living doing runs to Tijuana, and eventually committing crimes. While many a dope-smoking candidate will tell you how ridiculous that is...there are many that will tell you, that there is something to it. And the younger you start, the more likely you are to become addicted---to anything.

In the Obama age, we can now make another argument. Letting kids watch strippers dance around a pole, could do permanent damage to our children's future mental health.

If you are a five-year- old girl, and you are watching how your father reacts to an almost nude beautiful woman gyrating her private parts around a pole, it might lead a young girl to want to go home, find a little tree, and start doing it herself. She might grow up to become a stripper, and maybe even, with the latest technology, figure out in high school how to make extra money setting up her "trade" on the internet. After all prostitution can make up to $230,000 tax-free dollars a year, and she would only have to work 15 hours a week. And in this economy, with the high cost of education, and the government now controlling WHO can get the loans to go to school, and who cannot: Pole dancing...could become...addicting.

We all know lots of men go to the strips clubs. There are few men that have NOT been to one. Strippers, exotic dancing, and prostitution, has been around so long, Gene Simmons has written a book about it. The Democratic Party alone was probably built on the mobs' running of the great prostituting rings in all the major cities. And if not for prostitution---Las Vegas would be in worse trouble than it is. I doubt seriously if the city can run on high rollers, and grandmothers playing nickel and penny slots alone.

Prostitution, and porn, are now so addictive, that the downfall of our economy was recently blamed on the addiction of computer porn...because the men that were supposed to be guarding Wall Street, were watching Susie on her pole, instead of the coming economic apocalypse seems, Obama's nation of justice and redistribution has not gone far enough.

Now we need to use the levels of "fairness" further, with the newest invention called...Stripper-on-a Truck. The men just are not getting their fair share of stimulation.

You may have heard recently that some clever man in Las Vegas put his stripper in the back of a truck, and ran it up and down the street to draw business to his joint. It worked so well that his business tripled, and there were so many traffic jams, they had to shut it down. Even the good people of Las Vegas thought it was too much.

But...not Larry Flynt. You remember Larry--- the man who took Playboy 's romantic bunnies and turned them into well...snacks on a harry stick? Larry has two strippers clubs here in the Midwest, not far from the baseball sports arena' in Baltimore, and one in my town...St. Louis..and guess what?

The Democratic mayors say there is 'nothing illegal' about these stripper trucks circling around the Orioles and Cardinals baseball stadiums after the games, to get the men to come over to his clubs.

And if you remember, Larry Flynt is a great friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, who used him and his money to dig up dirt on their Republican adversaries.

Do you think Larry cares about the kids seeing dancing prostitutes on a pole when they come out of a family night out at a game? Do you think our Congress will look into whose exposing children to prosittues around sports stadiums and care as much about that as they did the "steriod" use by professional athletes?

I guess the baseball players forgot to pony up.

What are the parents going to tell their kids when they walk out of the park, with their kids, and see this truck? The circus is in town? What kind of impression does this make on a child's mind?

Here's what an addiction expert says:

According to addiction specialist Mark Laaser, Ph.D. "the arousal template" in the emotional memory centers underlies many behaviors that get out of control. it is important to understand where you were and how old you were when you experienced your first pleasurable or arousing experience, 'such as standing a at the stove making fudge with my grandfather when I was four year old.' This intense, emotionally pleasurable experience often lays the neural tracks for later additions. --Change Your Brain Change Your Body by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

Okay, maybe a young boy who has gone to the game with his father will not become addicted to wanting to see strippers when he grows up...maybe he won't waste his time, money, and ruin his marriage or his career because his watched his father's expression when they witnessed the Strippers- On- a-Truck after a game one night. Maybe he won't grow up to believe that that is what women do.

But, when a man sees a stripper, think: Will he be likely to follow that truck, and maybe get in a accident and the boy end up seriously hurt?

It seems, in our major cities, the Democrats care more about Larry Flynt's campaign funds than any concern that you as a citizen might have about exposing your children to porn. Maybe the plan is for all children to become future 'whore' runners, because that's what the Democratic Party seems to mostly consist of. Whores working the poles for big money.

Our government does not protect our borders, and now...they will no longer protect our children. The Stripper-on -A -Truck girls, (and I'm sure, boys too) might as well hand out joints.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas takes...."

... a slightly more discriminating line about propensities. Chaps are undoubtedly more 'arousable' by visual means and pleasurable feelings are not remotely 'addictive'.

A very tiny percentage of people can be overwhelmed by stimuli, to be sure, but addiction is a different matter altogether.

But, that apart and without going into a ten thousand word monograph on 'addiction', the issue of public display of sexuality going far too far is illustrated by what you are talking about here.

Yes, we can hold Larry Flynt and his ilk to account, and the Clintons and local Mayors of this political stripe or that. And we can remonsrate with the men who 'follow' their arousal down the road even when on the back of a truck. But we do far more of the latter than the former.

And let us not forget the other side of the equation.

Women flaunt. They exhibit. They sell the sex that men buy. It isn't the small boy next door who considers pole dancing when he comes across a tree. Many a small girl gets the idea from 'Mom' who gets her little chickadee the stripper outfits when she is still a child.

It is more an issue of public and private morals. It is, as you rightly point out, the effect it has on the literally innocent bystander.

It is easy to lead children astray. It starts not only with a small girl seeing where Dad's gaze is going but with her first fringed and sparkly bra when she is just five years old. Better a Millstone around the necks of the purveyors of immorality and cast them into the Mississippi.

1:07 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

I are visual, but, if you consider the growth of the brain, and HOW the brain works, and memories and addictions start, and the fact the PORN and prostitution is the biggest business all over the world...and men spent HOURS upon HOURS of (what women beleive ) are wasted time looking at them, is can be considered by addition.

And you are right to bring up the little girls being dressed as sluts, and the mommies doing the same...but WHY do they do this, may we ask?

Because the people that market the clothes and set the styles know that sex sells, better than anything...and of course the fashion is there, the girls get "programed" as MUCH as the men are 'PROGRAMED" to porn when very young...and the cycle continues.

Lots of money for the corporations, and lots of wasted hours and much heartache for lots of the masses.

My main point, that I didn't get to very well, is that children should be kept out of thinking about "sex" until they reach puberty, and then the parents should help them as best they can. They don't need to be concerned...but they do need to know they are being manipulated by "marketing" experts.

Great points....I SO enjoy it when you write...amforats. Men and woman, showing both sides to each life helps us all. You always make me think. And now...I will go eat a cookie!

5:42 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

An addiction...sorry, about the sp Amforats...I'm American educated you know...

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas responds...:

We are on the same blasted heath Joy but seeing different aspects from slightly different hillocks.

"And you are right to bring up the little girls being dressed as sluts, and the mommies doing the same...but WHY do they do this, may we ask?

Because the people that market the clothes and set the styles know that sex sells, better than anything".

You never see a dad searching through the racks of clothes, little girl in tow, seeking slutty items for her, or wracking their manly brains trying to find clothes that project an 'adult' (read sexual) persona in their six year old.

Is it men that design slutty clothes for children? Show me. As far as I am aware, most children's clothes are designed and made by women.


No one forces a mother to buy inappropriate sexy clothing for small children. Manufacture and sell what you will, the buyer CHOOSES.

You put greater blame on the seller of the clothes, but what of the seller of the porn? Who is it that is selling here? Women, shirley.

It is women who are making the living taking their clothes off. It is women who make the living displaying themselves. It is women on the poles, gyrating and getting paid for it.

MOST men do not seek out "porn". Most men do not spend 'hours and hours' looking at porn - just as most women do not spend hours and hours reading emotional porn from Mills and Boon. Some men do, usually young men or those you might call 'addicted'. Most men do not frequent strip joints any more than most men go to football matches. Some do. Numbers may be large but proportions and percentages are nonetheless small.

I would quibble over the word 'porn' as much as with 'addicted'. But overall the 'afflicted' are a small proportion and not reflective of the norm. What some label as porn one can find in ten times the volume in women's magazines. Women display to each other as much as to men ! If there is a business bigger than prostitution and porn (and there are many businesses bigger including Government departments) then one has to be women's magazines, shirley?

8:08 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Okay...we must be reading differnet sites, we must be watching different TV programs.

According to everything I've ever read or witnessed, the internet porn business ALONE brings in more money than all the big companies COMBINED. I read that on many a website and book. I do not keep every sinlge article I read, but it was being reported quite often...I think it was know, I read at leaat articles in ten magazines and 4 books at a listen to the radio and stay up with the news.
I could be on overload.

I COULD be wrong, you could be right.
(Hey, that's a Billy Joel song!)

I've also seen that in many countries of the world, women can make MUCH more money being a prostitue than working dong laundry, and like drugs...if there was NOT a huge market for this kind of thing, if the JOBS were not there, the industry would be small.And I'm not saying that there aren't women who really enjoy the occupation...there are!

But you must admit, mmost of us would not want our daughters to go into it.

I don't know how many documentaries, I've seen on the History channel on the great markets of prostition, but you could be right...espeically in could be all feminist propaganda, but some of it, you might true.

Now, as for the women buying the clothes, I never said the MEN dressed thier babies. Nevertheless, when was the last time you went looking at clothes there amfortas?

the only "straight" and prime clothing are found in the old ladies sections.
Sure you can find the clothes, or make them...but the other kids will think you're "ugly."

It's all about the marketing, and it matters not what sex designs the clothes, it the culture that's being protmoted that promotes the "what's in style"

For instance, have you noticed that in most every single movie you see, the main star lights up a smoke?

That's marketing. Those people are paid BIG bucks and they do it, or they are labeled trouble makers and lose work.

And so amfortas says: Well, the parents don't have to do that. BUT...everyone knows how when you reach that critical age of puberty, or even in grade will go with the flow of "fashioN' or you will not fit in.

And as human beings, it's only a natural as the sun that most of us want to fit in.

I'm SURE you had no objections to the miniskirt...did you?

I wore miniskirts when I was young, because the fashion magazines made them look so COOL and I wanted to look cool.

When my son was young the hundred dollar NIKE shoes were all the rage.

You bet I got him a pair. THE human race is basically, very well manipulated. We seek to run from pain, emotional or physical.

The subject is about marketing.

Pretty woman get more attention than ugly woman. It's just a FACT. it's not fair, but there you go. Can you change that?

Now, I never said that EVERY man spent every day in strip joints.

did I say that? no.

BUT, mathematically speaking...tell me amfortas...have YOU ever been to one? And how often?

Maybe most men go four or five times in a lifetime, but they also spent according to most experts, LOTS of their waking hours thinking about the woman figure and maybe they don't ...maybe I'm wrong about that..and some men BOND over the pictures, or the pictures, in their homes...or the visual.

It's wired into their brain...

AND if I am wrong...then most of the news, and most of the movies are all wrong...and men should start insisting that the women cover up.Nudity is now common in all our tv shows, our movies, and it's not men that are's women.

Why is that? AND more importantly, is that the WOMAN's fault?

Therefore, the Muslims have it right...have I understood you?

(nobody baits amfortas to parlay!)

Go ahead, now tell me more!

10:01 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Also, amfortas, excuse my terrible spelling today..

Right now, I'm blaming my stomach...I've off to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

heaven forbid I blame my wonderful American education or even worse...

MY nobody self!

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas wonders....:

... if being an Englishman denies him the Fifth. Hahaha

I do not believe what I read on the Internet and in three quarters of the pages of the many books and articles that I too read.

But I hang on your every word, dear heart.


1:07 AM  

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