Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nobody Cares About the Vegetarian Efforts of Pamela Anderson

Nobody Cares:
Let's stay off of politics today...shall we? is me, or does Marc Quinn, the artist that sculpted this $520,000 twin statues of two Pamela Andersons in bronze...need to study her body just a WEE bit more? (And yes, it's for sale.)
I mean, I am not a big fan...I've never seen even one episode of Bay Watch, and I missed her on Dancing with the Stars. I would NOT be the least bit interested in her "stolen" tapes...nevertheless, you'd THINK as many pictures that there are of the woman on the Internet...(3,298,398,000,776,736) Marc could have done those Arnold thighs a bit less...masculine, and maybe he could have taken off at least ten pounds off her waist. Surely the lovely woman has worked hard keeping her body on... drugs...I mean, a very strict diet to at least deserve a good "double" image from a man who is trying to idolize her for the next generation.
But, I'm sure she doesn't care. Pamela Anderson in this next picture is doing her best to get more construction workers to eat more salads for lunch. I suggest putting this poster in the health care package, along with the mandate that all union members must have this poster put up in all union lunchrooms, with the words...Supersize it!
(The salad idiot...get your mind out of the gutter.)
Another suggestion: As they are trying to cut the budget of the about sending over Pamela to invade and distract the Taliban with one of her many titillating posters?...It would drive the Taliban so crazy, they would all shot at her and give up their positions. They would all come running out of the mountains...screaming...AHHHHHH!
Save us money...big time.
But what do I know? Most days, it's hard for me to even get NEAR to feeling pretty, unless I put on my pink tutu. (Okay, that's me...go ahead and compare.In fact...send donations.)
Hey, a nobody has to think about something to get her mind off of politics. I saw those statues and thought..."What is WRONG with this ugly thing?" (Not the dog ninny...the statue.)
And I think I'm right...don't you? Tell me, men, would you buy the statue, or the poster?
Enquiring nobody minds... want to know.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amphwaartas say....:

The thighs have it. And look at the nose.

10:03 PM  

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