Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nobody Gets Email: The MOTHER, Alice Walker

Nobody Gets Email on Saturday Night

Once in a while, I get a real eye opener. You know, one of those...who knew?

It wasn't too long ago that this woman was just the cat's meow in all Hollywood..due to her friend Oprah Winfrey, who made her famous by promoting her books. She also got a big part in Alice Walker's movie, The Color Purple...(And I believe an Oscar) based on the book, which explains that underneath that sweet and caring demeanor...Oprah is just about as shrewd a lady as they come. And as we see from this very sweet Alice Walker smile, she fits right in with Oprah.

On the outside, warm...sweet, kind, and genius. But, as we all know, underneath a "I come first in all things, and you'd better not mess with me..." mentality.

When you read this, you will no longer think of this lady as any kind of a decent person, if what her child says is true.

(And many thanks to the witty and infamous, amfortas for passing it along!)

Crap Mum Of The Year – Alice Walker

Written by Porky on 10 May 2010

Iconoclast that I am, starting this year I will be using every Mothers Day (US time as most of my readers are American) to highlight a truly bad mother. The chosen GynoBeast will be someone who is psychologically, physically or sexually abusive towards her own children. I know most moms are decent people, but then so are most dads but that doesn’t stop Obama and his ilk using Fathers’ Day to highlight the inadequate few, so here comes a dose of equality.
Alice Walker, feminist loon and writer of anti-male screed “The Color Purple”, is described by daughter Rebecca as a “rabid feminist” who from an early age made it clear that she saw motherhood as a form of enslavement.

According to a piece written by Rebecca for The Daily Mail…

“My mother’s feminist principles coloured every aspect of my life. As a little girl, I wasn’t even allowed to play with dolls or stuffed toys in case they brought out a maternal instinct. It was drummed into me that being a mother, raising children and running a home were a form of slavery. Having a career, traveling the world and being independent were what really mattered according to her.”

And it didn’t stop there. The elder Walker was never at her daughter’s school events, didn’t help with homework, and didn’t even help her buy her first bra, instead paying one of her friends to go shopping with the kid! When Rebecca was 13, mommy dearest had no problem with her child getting laid left, right and centre as it got the brat out of her hair, and at 16 Rebecca discovered a poem in which her mother described her as a calamity. And to cap it all off, in 2004 Alice Walker wrote her pregnant daughter a letter in which she declared that she no longer wanted to be her mother and even signed said letter “Alice” rather than “Mom”!

If Rebecca’s account is true, this idol of feminists everywhere is clearly an abusive and neglectful mother, and a contemptible enough parent to be richly deserving of this dubious honor. There is however one good thing that can be said about this cowpat of a woman – she’s a bloody good example of why feminists shouldn’t be allowed to raise children.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

And doesn't she look such a nice woman. Now we know who 'Anna' from 'V' is based on.

12:41 AM  
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