Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nobody Gets Email: Victoria, Texas

Nobody Gets Email on Saturday Night.
I got this little slippet of fun last week. It was clipped out of a Victoria, Texas, local paper. The picture was added on my own. I don't know who wrote it, but I'd like to buy him a bottle of his favorite beverage.
Most of us don't get it...the "liberals" and "greenies" are always complaining about saving the planet, but they could care less about all the trash left on the border.
On a lighter note tonight: For whom it may was a hard day's night today, so when my husband and I walked around the block tonight, we were NOT prepared to see the "Muslim" house lit up! I know, I know. I was lulled, from daily nothings. It's been empty for over two weeks. What kind of watchdog am I? (sigh)
There were three men in the garage, and they had new chairs as if they were waiting for a bunch of people..and it almost LOOKED as if they were playing cards, and boy, did they turn and look at us! Whoa. And hey, this is the first time they have gathered BEFORE an attack...unless of course, there was one, and it was just not reported.
The reason I find this so amusing is:
1. According to my local police, they were probably burning trash in their fireplace last month, when I smelt smoke. (That's actually illegal here, but who am I to question the police?) Besides, there was no smoke coming out that chimney.
2. They said they were not even aware that there were any suspicious Muslims in that house.
3. They told me, "Why don't you move?" (I thought that one was..funny. Hey, why should I move...I happen to LIKE Americans.) Pretty much telling me that "wise up, all Muslims hate you women..." Like, I should not be concerned about that.
And 4....I told them I thought that the big playground in the backyard hasn't been used in over three years because, no one lives there. And guess what? After all these years looking at that thousand dollar jungle gym... the next day after my talk with the police who "didn't know they were there" the playground was removed, although, I certainly didn't see them do it.
Either the Muslims are listening to the police phone calls...or the police know them. Somehow, I find it too much of a coincidence.
Oh yeah, and my local police has a telephone number of 000.000.000.....
Guess he doesn't want me to call him back.
Hey, I have to keep a light hearted approach to this, right? If Muslims have poker nights, and they have to turn on all the house lights to play...I think someone should start getting Americans' use to this novel concept.
Maybe we should ALL have more parties.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas is a friendly sort of ex-English cum New Australian chap...:

... who recognises that Americans are generally far less reticent about introducing themselves. We English folk (durn furriners) have a long established 'modus' of ignoring almost anyone but when approached we are generally pretty pleased. We occasionally turn our noses up, but that isn't the norm. A cup of tea breaks ice.

So, it occurs to me to wonder, Joy, why you don't just go right in with a plate of buscuits and say hello.

Perhaps you are scared. Understandly. But take courage and use it.

I recall quite a few years back having a 'Contract' taken out on me by a particularly nasty person ( a woman as it happened). I went to see an even nastier chap who packed a pistol as his day attire and ran brothels and all sorts of nefarious activities. I did a deal with this mini-devil and he was in fact quite a polite and reasonable fellow. To me at least. He 'leaned' on the woman, hopefully in a gentlemanly manner, and had the contract lifted.

To meet him I had to walk into his lair and convince his small private army of thugs to let me in. I managed with a modicum of hope and a heap of premonition of an early end. But imagination is just that. The reality is that it was a doddle.

Maybe taking a jug of lemonade to them when they have their next poker game might be just the ticket and you might find that they are on the run from the Revolutionary Guard and frightened fartless, and appreciative of American friendliness.

2:04 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

I HAVE said "hello!" about fifteen times, very friendly I AM! THEY NEVER answer me,..NEVER.. but turn their backs, and walk away.

You know the old saying...if looks could kill...

You must trust me dear fellow, these men are up to something. There are Arabs here, that will smile, and will talk to you, and are very friendly chaps, but not these men.

They stand guard, on weekends, like Jesse James on lookout.

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhh. Well, you tried my dear, you tried.

9:39 PM  

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