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Nobody Cares: Here's how clever they are:
While the whole world is up-in-arms about the state of Arizona actually demanding that the Federal laws of immigration on the books be used to identify who's in our country illegally... something that is done in every frigging country in the world but OURS..."They" have been slowly and quietly putting cameras into our lives, to the point that, all of a sudden, we HAVE no privacy whatsoever.
SMILE~ and be very candid! Gee...funny how easy it was. In fact, downright amazing.
In England, the camera's are everywhere...except maybe the family toilet... and soon, none of them will even use the toilet without someone in government knowing it and then taxing them for it. Hell, if global government goes through, we will all be measuring our daily trips just to save the water.
But, this takes the cake...London's new 2012 Olympic Mascots.
To get the little children used to cameras and not be scared of them for the future elite world of control...they've invented the perfect little brain-washing Kupie Doll couple! The new mascots for the 2012 Olympic games, will have cute little camera eyes!
They also say they are going to put these lovable little camera aliens into the schools just to get all children to fall in love with them, and then record each and every cute little face as they are leaning over to say hello. (They will SAY there are no cameras in those little camera eyes, but, do you trust them?)
The control mechanisms of the global elites are getting really sick. Spielberg had it about right in his movie with Tom Cruise, (Minority Report)... about citizens being accused of crimes you haven't even committed yet. Maybe he was trying to tell us something.
Here in the United States, the camera's on our highways have silently gone up, and nobody has told us how all this expensive stuff was paid for, or why the local citizens had no say in the matter. It was treated as if...nobody cared.
Well, nobody asked us what we thought about it, did they?
Our technology, while it is extremely fun, when in the wrong hands can be used as the very tools to crush us. And they are telling us now how they need to control the Internet...yes. It's vital they control...information, isn't it?
Twitter Tweets are now being cataloged by our Library of Congress. How much is that costing?
You don't find that...sick? Invasive? Completely out of control? Overkill? I mean, is it really a national concern what Paris Hilton said about her NBF?
And think about all the information they are gathering about you on your FACEBOOK site. Think of all the face recognition tools they have on anyone who's put up their picture on Youtube? Commit a crime and they will find you anywhere on the planet.
Unless of course, you are bin Laden...
Now we find out that Google, working with god knows who, (Al Gore is on the board of directors, so that should be a clue) has been "silently" gathering billions of private emails, and computer information all over the world, while innocently acting as if they are taking pictures of streets. It's bad enough that anyone can find out where you live now. The technology might be cool, any technology, it can be used against you.
And did they get away with this invasion of the world's privacy? Are you kidding?
Do mountaineers in Southern Poland dance the "Zbojnicki"?
Don't worry, be happy, is Google motto. If you are not doing anything wrong...why complain? It's all harmless. But...was anyone in the WORLD asked if they wanted their house put up online? Barbra Streisand thought it was rude, and I happen to agree with her. There are many people on the planet I really don't want to know what my house looks like, or where I live, and I'm sure many feel just like me.
Once upon a time in America, all of this would have been considered...a crime. If you had a voyeur in your back yard, looking at your windows through a telescope, it would have been considered an invasion of your privacy. But Google, is just too cool. It even has a logo that looks like a kid's toy box.
Like I said: clever.
And now that all our medical records will be online for everyone to see, they have to get started on the next step; the DNA collecting of as many people as they can, which will also be online. Recently, my local grade school had a "National DNA Day Celebration" complete with a 3-D candy model they could eat!
Well, how else are you going to get little Johnny to think DNA is nothing but a sweet? And didn't mommy tell you, sharing sweets with everyone makes you a very good boy?
The global government is slowly, collecting all the data they need on every single citizen to control the world. They need this information...and it's not because they want to try to keep us all alive. They are working out global plans to put us all in their preordained cubby holes.
Mine, I'm sure, will be about six feet under. I'll be next to some guy named RANDY.
And you know what? Nobody Cares.
They will tell us, they are finding the radicals, who are everywhere. Right. The dead from Ft. Hood would agree. And how about that guy in Times Square? Sure.
In the meantime, all the gatherings of the global elites are strictly off limits to the press. They take one big picture, and then...they hide in the Castles with Moats, containing electrical hidden fences, surrounded by troops, and two-hundred man eating dogs, to keep out the curious.
With all the wireless technology, anything you say or text, you might as well assume that it is being collected and dialogues in some big computer in Virginia. And they are so many billions of the young, are texting...texting...texting...and texting...
And now that everyone has a camera on their phone, step out of line, and you're on the news, or YOUTUBE. If the government doesn't get you, then that guy at the corner will.
Instantly it's a great news story. Well, now it's entertainment...but it's also a very effective tool to deliver social behavior messages with. Spy on your neighbor with. 1984 with.
Meanwhile, I could not even post a picture of my Muslims neighbors on my blog, who I'm suspicious of, anywhere on the Internet or I will go to jail on a "hate" crime. And yet...if a mother teases and bullies a young girl into suicide, she has NOT committed a crime.
I'm trying to save thousands of lives, she just killed an innocent young life....and yet, I would be arrested. What does that tell you?
So my advice to the Arizonians? Have lots of back yard sauerkraut parties.
As for me...I'd say we should all be equals.
My next hat is going to be a bucket, and painted on the top in big white letters will be:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says ahh but....:

... cameras are for 'official' use, you see. It is 'dangerous technology'. A Politician or a bureaucrat has already saved us the bovver of working out what is snappable and what isn't, and who can do it. So while Google pays it's car licence fees and its subscription to the CIA slush fund and that Green and Pleasant Land, England, has more cameras prying into every citizen's (Hah !!) life, a father cannot photograph his child on a swing in the park without some old biddy calling he cops to haul his arse to jail, and a tourist cannot take a snap of the Tower of London for fear of being surrounded by cops in the 'new black' uniforms with visors and Uzi machine guns. And woebetide anyone trying to smuggle a camera onto a bus! It would be roped off with a tank pointing at it and little robot wossnames with catapillar tracks and 12 bore shotguns climbing the stairs.

The ubiquitous 'they' can photograph YOU but you just try photographing a parking inspector and see how high your feet are above the ground as you are dragged off to a room with a spotlight.

And do you know why all this camera-phobia came about? The hundreds of thousands - nay, MILLIONS - of men who crept around the floor in public places with cameras looking up ladies dresses. Clever buggers - no one noticed them. And the really inventive ones who worked through the night in their sheds making special brackets for 'extenda-sticks' so that a cammera could unobtrusively be pushed under the door of the ladies loo while the chap nonchalantly whistled with an innocent air.

It would have been FAR easier just to have men present a signed affidavit to the camera salesperson promising not to be naughty with it when he bought it. But of course you cannot trust men.

Which is also what they should do to college girls with their computor cameras, left on while they walk around in their scanties to be viewed for $6.99 a minute.

12:32 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Wow...great comments amfortas...I am going to put these babies on my OTHER blog...


3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My words are a gift to you Joyanna, to do with as you wish.


9:14 PM  

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