Monday, May 17, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Holder VS Posner

Nobody's Perfect: This week, all we had to do was look to our Attorney General, Eric Holder, and his buddy at the White House, Human Rights international protector, Michael Posner to find our "imperfections" of the week.
Eric Holden, The man who thinks all Americans are cowards because they won't talk about race, was grilled in front of Congress, and had to admit that he had never read the Arizona law that he thought was basically, complaining about. Which means he thinks the Federal law is wrong, it needs to be changed. Still...most of us would like our officials to at least read the bill...or lie, and say they read it. Jeez... or admit they just never got past DICK AND JANE.
Yes, Eric took up the first half of the week, but Mr. Posner, the guy on the right that looks like the kid you knew in third grade who didn't know HOW to make a spitball...through a pretty good sized spitball at Americans when he agreed with the Chinese that America is not treating the Mexicans immigrants with respect.
And you know what? If you look at this picture, where a poor little innocent Latino child is being abducted by the middle of the AMERICA... they DO have a point.
Mao would never do such a thing. That is a BOY child.
And so tonight, we ask it safe? Because neither one of these guys are perfect. In fact, I'd say they make even this nobody look sane.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

It is a big ask to expect a politician to read the Bills he/she votes on. Heck, reading makes them 'Intellectuals'.

They have minions to do the reading.

11:36 PM  

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