Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nobody Cares About Roses

Nobody Cares; How about something cheerful today? Let me share my favorite gift from my father...That's just one rose bush that's drapes on BOTH sides of the fence.... it has so many roses on it, the fence will probably not hold them all much longer...not to mention, the tree is blocking the sun...but oh...when they do come, as they do every May...I can hardly wait, and I go out every morning and sit for a while just to enjoy them. It also houses many little chippies, in it's thorns. Clean under the bush, and you hear the mama's squawking.
I have never put any fertilizer on that bush and only trimmed it once in twenty years. (Yeah, you can tell huh?) I figure mother nature does just fine on it's own.
My father planted it .on my birthday...Bunker Hill a present.
And oh...if you could only see them. (The roses)
We had a storm tonight. Many of the blooms will be gone tomorrow. They never last long...if I'm lucky...three weeks tops. And then, I wait another whole year...for my little touch of god.
Humans are funny, aren't they? Measuring time in roses?
Sure beats measuring time in politicians.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas is....:

...stunned by the beauty. It is so very 'Joyous'.

2:10 AM  

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