Monday, May 31, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Obama...AGAIN

Nobody's Perfect: I tried really hard to find someone who could just possibly make less mistakes than this man this week...but there simply was no contest. He's a walking blunder with a suit on.
The biggest mistake he made that everyone was talking about this Memorial Day, was his decision to not lay the wreath on the grave of the unknown soldier. This was such a BIG mistake on his part, because frankly, with his record of putting America down all over the world, and then making all the mistakes in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan that he is making...he should have gone just for appearance sake. But, he wanted to go to Chicago for whatever reasons, and all his fans were driving there to meet him...all two of them.
His attitude about the BP oil spill was simply unfathomable, and even more so when he had Pelosi come out and say "It's all George Bush's fault."
And then this week, he made Bill Clinton take the fall for the Sestak affair. (a fact that doesn't bother too many people, me included--- but still.)
Today I heard someone say that the West Wing's Walls is covered in pictures of Obama, which is a sure sign that...someone's doing drugs.
But tonight...the news is getting grim...Turkey and Israel...Paris, and Egypt...heating up...
Yes, the biggest mistake Obama is making at the moment is the way he is treating Netanyahu. Right now, with the newest development in the East...the whole world could explode...and Obama is letting it be known, he will NOT help the Jews.
He is either dangerously ignorant, or it is exactly what he George W. Bush would say: (and has)"What do you want to do...start World War III?"
VP Joe Biden gave the speech today at the tomb of the unknown soldier today, and even though I didn't hear it...I'm told it made many a patriot really angry. The administration's fake patriotism is coming just a little too late for most of us. Their words are cheaper than a ten-dollar South Side of Chicago, Forth of July happy-hour, blow through the park.
Maybe I should have picked Lindsey Lohan for this week. At least I could have compared her prison ankle bracelet with Martha Stewart's old ankle bracelet...I thought about it. I said, no comparison.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says....:

You might be interested to know that Obama's Number One Fan, our Great Leader, Chairman Mousey Kev, is also being touted as the worst Prime Minister we have had since Federation. His integity is being seriously questioned even by his sychophants in the media.

The shine is coming off all over.
Poor old Obama: I bet he wishes he was white.


10:40 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...


He is white...and black, and as they say...a real mutt.

Except, most mutts are smarter.

10:17 AM  

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