Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Nobody Flashes: The American Year of Hidalgo

Nobody Flashes: In his book Revolution of Hope, (which I got on sale for one dollar at my local book store) Vicente Fox pointed out this fact in his introduction;
"The traditional cycle of our six-year-presidential term, the sexenio, worked like this: A president used his first five years to spend the nation deep into debt. In his sixth year, known as the "Year of Hidalgo," he cut off the flow of money to the economy and diverted hundreds of millions of dollars from Mexico's oil revenues to fund the campaign of his successor. Then the incumbent handed the sash to the man to whom he'd "given the finer" and got the hell out of the country, before the economic crisis kicked in. Typically, Mexico's former presidents exiled themselves to Ireland, drew on their Swiss bank accounts, and hid from the world in walled suburban villas."
Wow, sounds like a blueprint right out of Obama's White House.
What's funny is that Mr. Fox doesn't want to spend his retiring years in his beloved country of Mexico, where he even has a Presidential library, just like the American Presidents.
Politicians are amazing. Vicente now lives in Ohio, where he owns a farm...The Bushes have farms in South America, and this nobody wonders where Obama's farm will be?
Hawaii? Dubai? Kenya?
The important thing is: if you have been a President of a country in this new global network of "criminal ink" as Glenn Beck so succinctly puts it, you'd better get yourself a farm...preferable, in another country, where you can live a life of hope that you're crimes will never be exposed...but if they are: all you will need is your farm, your wife, and your Swiss Bank accounts.
We should all be so lucky.



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