Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Slickness of Bohemian Oil

Nobody Knows who's more evil: A President who plays golf and holds big White House parties while a huge oil rig explosion in the gulf starts pouring thousands of gallons of oil onto the shores of our southern states...or a CEO of that oil company for saying, when asked about the problem... that, "He'd like to get his life back."?
Gee..from this nobody point of view, they both are simply...what...lame? Extremely negligent bordering on criminal? Wouldn't we all be better off if they just got out of the way and went and played basketball in Aruba?
This complete lack of care on our "President's" part has Hollywood going crazy. The famous director, James Cameron, was bursting his very green-eyed Avatar gasket because he knows how to help stop it, and told everyone how to stop it, but they wouldn't listen. Kevin Costner, went to Washington D.C. and BEGGED Congress to use his recently acquired patent of a real oil cleanup appendage, but no one cared. Rosie O'Donnell is so upset, she wants communism, and the sooner the better. She might actually get some results.
So--- why are they both dicking around with their golf balls?
Probably for the same reason that GE is going to kill us all someday with their mercury- filled light bulbs. (Yes, mass murder in a bulb! Clever. And nobody thinks anything of it! Why, you just slowly poison the people...that's it! Think of all the contaminated fish? Bristol Meyer's stock will soar!)
Sorry, I get carried away.
Anyway...Obama is going out full force to blame the CEO of BP...Tony Hayward---Why it's all his fault. BP did not let him know how serious it was. After 52 days, he says he still hasn't talked to the man he would personally fire, but he can sure sound tough. He's going to kick some ass, and put boots on necks, and well, say tough things like.."Just plug the damn hole."
After 52 days, (the same amount of time it took for the Turks to siege Constantinople in 1453) you would have thought he could have picked up the phone. Our politicians not only never read the laws they pass on us, it's beneath them to make a phone call in order to save whole ecosystems and millions of people's jobs. I suppose a President of a country feels that a CEO is beneath him in the pecking order of the universe, therefore he was NOT going to give in.
But here's what we know: British Petroleum merged with Amoco (American) ten years ago. The rig was bought by an American company and made in Korea. The Deepwater Horizon rig is owned by TransOcean, a US company which located it's 'offices' to the Cayman Islands and then to Switzerland. The cementing process which caused the failure was installed by Halliburton, another American company. And yet, the Brits are getting the bad publicity.
What is it about Obama and the Brits? Why does he hate them so? On one of his first days in office he sent the bust of Winston Churchill (a gift he had NO RIGHT to give back because it belongs to the people of the United States)-- he gives it back to the Queen. Then he gives her an IPOD with some funky songs as a cheap gift when he meets her. Hillary insulted her last month by forgetting what day her birthday was on. And they want you to know this. And now, a company which is just as much America as British, is being used to berate them again by beating up on Tony.
Sorry, off subject-- but somehow there is an evil card in this stack that I can't figure out.
I repeat....Why does Obama hate the Brits?
Witnesses say there was a huge fight on the rig before this happened. Some report that the foreman did NOT want to do something without certain safety precautions, and the BP executive on the rig insisted and demanded that they do it his way, and it exploded, which is like saying BP wanted to blow it up.
Or was it a terrorist attack and would Obama admit it if it was? In this world, of leaks, and disinformation, who knows what to believe?
Obama and the Democrats have time and again preached we MUST get off oil production and into the green energy jobs. Our politicians have purposely refused to develop our own oil production. And they have all invested heavily in green global energy stuff.
So...once the globalization of things, what does that tell us?
BP was right on board with Cap and Trade. BP was working with John Kerry to pass cap and trade. They believed in higher taxes, bio fuels, solar panels, the stimulus packages, and the Wall Street bailout. Not to mention Tony is a full fledged "globalist" scholar of Edinburgh, who has worked in China, Russia, Venezuela, and Arizona. He was also on Citi-Group board. And since Cap and Trade is the final nail in the push for the global- government, would it not seem that maybe all this mugging around is just bidding time to show how we must change the world and give our energy control to the government?
A government--- that meets in secret places outside of the not-so-secret-anymore woods of the Bohemian Grove, is not transparent, and never will be. Every year... the great men of business and politicians gather, put on robes, and act pretty silly, while they are going around making backwoods' deals. The oil men gather in the CAVEMEN camp...the Presidents and politicians in the OWL camp. And that big effigy they pray to is not a caveman, which tells you who makes the final decisions.
If you are going to destroy a country, in order to replace it with something do small steps. You'd have to be a cavemen to think that Tony is that much of an idiot to not contact Obama about the spill and get it plugged right away. And even an owl knows that when a rig that big blows up, you'd better get on it sooner rather than later.
There are global cavemen and owls, and they are about to make an even bigger mess if their actions keep repeating such unbelievable incompetence.
If we don't stop this; we may have to all go back to our caves, and play bagpipes to the squirrels in hopes we can train them to gather our nuts.
And speaking of nuts...



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