Friday, June 04, 2010

The Helen Thomas Dictator Collection

Nobody Reports:
Helen Thomas, the most ancient body that has ever withered in the White House Press room...has just come out of the closet...for her beloved President...Obama, and let us all know her true feelings for Jews. Something, frankly, she could have kept to herself.
She said all Jews should just get out of Israel, give their land to the Palestinians, and go back to Poland, and Germany, and even here if they want.
The fact that she made such a anti-Semitic comment, is beyond imagination, but it seems she felt it was time. Maybe she is tried of being mistaken for a Jew's hard to say just why she hates the Jews. Did she suffer at the hands of Hitler's mother? Is she Hitler's half- sister? Did Hilter's father ever visit Lebanon?
Is it me...or does she look like one of the bankers out of the Harry Potter movie?
But, don't worry. In order to honor the brave old gal, for saying something that the President wants to say, but simply can't because he's needs all that Jewish money...a new line of baby clothes is being designed in her honor, just for speaking out.
In the new HELEN THOMAS collection for the little dictator in your life, you will have a variety of cute little outfits...and to start off the collection right...the HELEN THOMAS "LITTLE NAZI" will be coming out by July, the fourth!.
It's sure to become popular in all the supporters of the current White House. All the little liberals will be running around in such cute little Helen Thomas outfits.
If you do not see what you want here---soon there will be a website where you can order the dictator outfit of your choice: Saddam Hussein, Castro, Lenin, Stalin, FDR, Obama, Attlia the Hun...and that ever so popular outfit...Mao.
And if you order now, you can get Ahmadinejad for half price!
Hurry...if you call withing the next ten whole dollar will go into Helen's Fund for Humanitarian Moving Jews Foundation...which raises fees for the Jews who cannot afford the airfare, a cause deep in her heart.
So, get your HELEN THOMAS BABY DICTATOR outfits today! Don't delay! Tell them...Obama sent ya!
(Nobody Makes This Stuff Up.)
...and thinks maybe it's time Helen Thomas should move to Palestine...where she can be more appreciated for her...opinions.)
And Obama complains about the journalism on the Internet?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas chases....:

...after the motorcade shouting, 'WhaddaboutMEEE'.

I know I prefer the 'Tyrant' title but I would settle for Dictator, so where is the Baby Amfortas outfit?

It would need a pointy hat of course, for 'dress' occasions - I wear a deerstalker as my usual 'relaxed' uniform. And the Beard. Bushy and white. They could come in two types as well as the hats. The first for daily use could be a false one made from either Yak's hair or Llama fur but a Real one should be kept as an accessory for High Diplomacy occasions when other Dictators come for tea.

I don't go in for armbands m'self. But a Brass Band would do.

1:40 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Ooooooh...I like the armbands...

And may I

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most Tyrants wear silk next to the skin, m'dear.


9:28 PM  

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