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Ben Franklin Has Opinions and Nobody Responds

Nobody's Opinion: Remember as you read this:
Ben Franklin died at the age of ripe old age of...84.
If you're a baby boomer, the government has made it very clear: you...are a problem. Social Security they tell you, is over...and soon it will belly up. The complaint from our elite plutocracy is that, hey, some of us elites spent the money on other things, and our manufacturing base is now gone global, and now, we have no jobs, and that's why we need more workers here in order that you all don't freak out when you can't get your heart surgery and come after us on the capitol steps, carrying your canes full of catty liter, and a tubes of crazy glue.
On the steps of Zeus mountain, our politicians look down on us and think the solution, pragmatically speaking in their eyes, is just getting as many as young families as you can from Mexico to have as many babies as they can, in order to keep the big monster called the United States government going. Even Bill Clinton has come out and said it.
Western civilization's populations are ageing, while Asia, Latin America, Arabia, and India are booming with babies. Facts are facts...something has to give, and it isn't going to be pretty. Populations can only be culled by diseases or war...and Universal Health Care for those over fifty, will make sure that the old make way.
Die off early you guys,'s the least you can do for the world, and all our big pensions.
But, what would Ben Franklin say about this population problem? Ever wonder?
Here's some quotations from Mr. Franklin's "The Increase of Mankind," written in 1751.
BF: When families can be easily supported, more persons marry and earlier in life.
Nobody: I wonder what Ben would say about our young people not getting married..until their life is half over? Since our kids are not marrying until much later, Ben would say...a family is not easily supported. But then again, back in Ben's time. There was no such thing as government welfare.
BF: Foreigners who can sell cheaper will drive her merchants out of markets. Foreign manufacturers will thereby be encouraged and increased and consequently, foreign nations--- perhaps her rivals in power, grow more populous and more powerful, while her own colonies, kept too low, are unable to assist her or add to her strength.
Nobody: Does this not describe our situation with China to the max? And if Ben Franklin knew this obvious fact: why have all our elected politicians for the last two decades ignored it?
BF: on Slaves: Neglect is natural to the man who is not to be benefited b his own care or diligence.
Nobody: Bottom- line philosophy of Adam Smith. You might get a man cheap, and slave him with no hope of ever making it on his own, but in the will lose.
BF: Labor is much cheaper in England than it ever can be by Negroes here. Why then will Americans purchase slaves? Because slaves may be kept as long as a man pleases, or has occasions for their labor; while hired men are continually leaving their masters (often in the midst of his business) and setting up for themselves.
Nobody: HA! And you were told slave labor was cheap!
This is the danger of too many monopolies...big global companies all merging into a hand full of a few major players...and hiring the cheap Chinese, Mexican, Indian, and soon to be out- of- work Americans slaves to work only for the masters of globalization.
BF: The following will diminish a nation: Loss of Trade: If a nation be deprived of any branch of trade and no new employment is found of the people occupied in that branch, it will also be soon deprived of so many people.
Nobody: If you will not move your family to China, Coca Cola will find someone that will.
BF: Loss of food: When a foreign nation takes over a country's fishery...
Nobody: Since the NAFTA trade agreements, and the continued destruction of our natural food sources, mandated bio fuels with corn, NAFTA trade agreements, and now, our fishery destroyed in the gulf go be filled by China...Do you think Michelle really likes that garden in the White House?
BF: Bad Government: heavy taxes diminish a people.
Nobody: Do you feel diminished yet? No? ---Just wait.
BF: Slavery also perorates the families that use them; the white children become proud, disgusted with labor, and being educated in idleness are rendered unfit to get a living by industry.
Nobody: And go on to become Senators and Congressmen.
BF: Foreign luxuries and needless manufactures, imported and used in a nation, do by the same reasoning, increase the people of the nation that furnishes them and diminish the people of the nation that uses them. Laws, therefore, that prevent such importations, and on the contrary promote the exportation of manufactures to be consumed in foreign countries, may be called, generative laws, as by increasing subsistence they encourage marriage. Such laws likewise strengthen a country doubly by increasing its own people and diminish its neighbors.
Nobody: Our leaders...sold us out, to China, and it continues....
BF: Why should the Palatine boors be suffered to swarm into our settlement and by herding together, establish their language and manners to the exclusion of our?
Nobody: Every time I see a Muslim family here...I only wonder. I'm with Ben.
BF: Why should Pennsylvania founded by the English, become a colony of aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us instead of our anglifying them, and will never adopt our language or customs any more than they can acquire our complexion?
Nobody: The Germans did learn English, and joined the war against the British, but, if we had a war with Iran, would the Muslims here join the fight? And as we see...many Mexicans have no intention of giving up their language.
BF: The number of white people in the world is proportionately very small. I could wish their numbers were increased.
Nobody: So what? He wanted more white people? Is that a crime?
Now, hold on to your hats, and remember...there was no political correctness in Ben Franklin mind.
BF: Why increase the sons of Africa by planting them in America, where we have so fair an opportunity by excluding all blacks and whites of increasing the lovely white and red?
Nobody: Here in the 21st century, it is well documented that all races are prejudiced against all others. It's genetic, it's mother can be overcome, but white people, are not the only ones who practice this "prejudice." Black people would be happy if America was all black. White people feel comfortable with other whites. Poodles like other poodles, and a polar bear would prefer more polar white bears, than a big black grizzly. We cannot ignore our tribal proclivities. We cannot, ignore...evolution.
Nevertheless...unifying should be our goal...but instead, the democrats always divide color, by race, by religion, and pit us against each other again and again, in order to manage us.
So...was Ben Franklin a raciest? Here is what he ends his now thoughts with;
BP: But, perhaps I am partial to the complexion of my country, for such kind of partially is natural; to mankind.
Nobody: Amen Ben. Amen.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas Says:

There is an old American saying - although I don't know if Ben Franklin coined it - that if you have lemons, make lemonade.

All these old folk. Once age was sought after as it brought wisdom. We are a people and in an age when we can achieve - on a mass scale - the sort of wisdom that could take humanity to its next higher step.

But our mental-midget politicians see an aging population as a Problem. Previously, to the cumulatively less wise, dying was a problem and dying early was a disaster.

Hello !

4:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas splutters.....:

'Nobody: The Germans did learn English, and joined the war against the British,....'

Hello ! Didn't that ring an alarm bell? Even now? I guess not.

Perhaps one might ask who encouraged them to make war on the British! Certainly not the Loyal and Steadfast colonial people who knew their heritage and could trace their lineage with pride.

'....but, if we had a war with Iran, would the Muslims here join the fight? And as we see...many Mexicans have no intention of giving up their language.'

Why go to war against Iran at all? Who is it that wants America at war with Iran?

Heck, why not expect all the other nationalities that have poured into the US since anti-British 'furrin' interlopers stole the Colonies from the British, to go to war with Iran for you. What about the Irish for example?

Whoops, the Irish. They took over your police-force and their terrorists taught the Iranian ones. Don't count on them.

Odd how Britain has been always America's staunchest and often ONLY friend and ally, even since being slapped in the national face and having the family silver 'Nationalised' by a newly furrin power.

5:00 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Well, my OLD and wise amforatas...good thing they have not put you away into some English tea party camp!...

Iran...has said, they want to kill us Americans...a sentiment that King George once held by sending over his whole fleet of wonderful redcoats!

Besides, if history repeats itself, WWIII will come just to get the countries back to normal.
The Politicians all have island retreats and will be well protected...I figure, it won't be long now, and you wisely are in a very good place if that happens!

Got any room?

And as for the Irish? Angela's Ashes are ready.

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas has to respond...:

About Iran. Just look at the turmoil there. I would assess that most of the Iranians I have seen on the TV and in print, are brave folk who protest - often at a cost to their lives - at their farcical Government.

Yes there are lunatics in Iran, as in Arkansas, but in the main the Iranians are quite pleasant folk who do not deserve war anymore than the people of St Louis do.

Its the Politicians; the mad mullahs lead by the aptly named President Ahmamadbastard.

A bit of mild assasination is called for rather than sending Randy Switzkovsky and his press-ganged friends from Boise to kill poor Pervaise Turbanhead of Teheran along with his pleasant sister with the head covering.

7:37 PM  

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