Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Vatican, and a Bunker Hill Birthday

Nobody Cares:
It was my birthday today...and I was feeling pretty good about it until I just found out that Barry Manilow also was born on June 17. Paul McCartney's birthday is tomorrow, but I haven't forgiven him yet.
Anyway, I went to the Jefferson Memorial Historical Museum here in St. Louis, with some guy who sits around my house and plays video see the Vatican Exhibit. They don't let you take pictures, or else I would have some nifty religious pictures to post. I'm not sure it was worth the money, because outside of a few old pictures, it was mostly about the Popes. There were lots of statues of Popes, and I learned that one Pope looked like The Wizard in the Wizard of OZ...and another one looked just like the Crypt Keeper, and another one looked like ET...and in a very creepy but actually wonderful could put your hand on the bronze cast of some Pope, and...feel blessed. I made the video game guy do it...(I think he is my husband, but I'm not sure) and while I asked for...of course...MONEY....he said he was simply glad that he didn't catch on fire.
Of course, I had to agree.
What I did find amazing was that, according to the Catholic Church, the belief is that every single Pope holds a blood linage to Jesus. How they happened to manage this trick...I'm not sure. None of them even look like him. Not even close. But, I suppose it's like the old know. Same concept. All of a sudden the movie The Divinci Code made more sense.The Popes claim THEY are direct descendants of Jesus, and the Illuminati (politicians) say no.... THEY are the true descendants of Jesus.
And so that is why you will never hear that Jesus was gay. If Jesus was gay, NO one could claim linage.
(I do not mean to offend religion..please...I'm a big fan of Jesus. In fact, I wished he could have seen the Vatican. He might have done another one of his "tantrums" right there in the middle of the basilica and made them return the stolen bronze that they used to make the alter columns, to the Pantheon
So things worked out for the Vatican and all those Popes.
I also found out that St. Anthony is the Saint you pray to to help you find your car keys, or glasses, or checkbook, or credit cards...or whatever you might be missing....good to know.
BUT...these were my favorite finds in the museum. The first is a photo of Charles Lindbergh hugging a tree.
I have hugged MANY trees in my lifetime...only not for the same reason. I was so excited to see someone else hugged trees besides me, I had to take my picture...and no, I'm not drunk. He hugged them, it said, because he was an environmentalist. I need no such excuse.
It's been a while since I hugged a tree. I'm not sure what that means.
The second picture is one of Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence. I think he's the guy sitting, down...who the other guys are, I have no clue.
I also learned that Jefferson once wrote to John Adams and said..We cannot live without our books.
Maybe that's why I liked the founders more that the Popes. They had their books made out of gold and silver.
You ended up never getting past the cover.
Okay, that's enough. Nobody Cares about my birthday, I wrote this for myself.
Happy Birthday...Joyanna! Next year...get out of town.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas drops his jaw...."

"according to the Catholic Church, the belief is that every single Pope holds a blood linage to Jesus."

Huh ??

Where DO you get them from?

Dan Brown is not alone !!

Did they have a statue of Pope Joan to fondle? The only Pope with a pair of working breasts, instead of the usual man-boobs.

I remembered your birthday Joy. Honest. But your reminder here just shows how big a difference the International Date Line makes.


Next year find somewhere more exciting and memorable to go and do. Bungy-jumping or something. Carry a crucifix just in case.


11:26 PM  

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