Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Truth According to Blogo

Nobody's Fool:
I love this guy! I can't help it. If I had to pick my very favorite corrupt politician, hands down-- he would win.
And the REASON I get a kick out of him is that he really believes he did nothing wrong in doing the usual corrupt things politicians do every single day of the week...
Sure he bribed to get money for himself...sure he tried to sell Obama's Senate seat...and sure, he loves that great Frankin Avalon look on himself. BUT...good hairspray aside, the whole world just cannot believe that a Chicago wise guy could be so honestly...innocent and open about everyday crime!
(Sure, I slept with that girl, but so did Obama.)
I even felt bad for him when he lost on THE APPRENTICE trying to sell Harry Potter's Theme Park to kids on Trump's Show. His sincerity was killing me.
What's so hilarious about the guy, is that he thinks by saying he is doing nothing new, that is really going to get him off. Everyone takes bribes! What's the matter? It's how our government works!
Well, what's wrong with telling the truth?
But--- I worry about him. Either he knows something so horrific that he feels safe enough to go on to a new Hollywood career, or he figures it doesn't matter---might as well milk the whole thing for Brand recognition.
Either way, I fear for P.T. Blogo... he is playing with fire, because as we all one is untouchable.
During the Health Debate, Obama gave everyone brides out his proverbial telepromter pole-hole, in order to seal the deal. And it was right out in the open. And it was against the law. And our Constitution. And so therefore...nothing was done.
Like I say...he's growing on me. Blago is absolutely right. According to the current corrupt political ways of our Congress, he did nothing wrong.
But as the old Chicago saying goes: "When you attack the Godfather, you'd better make sure you kill him. Or else you won't even get an offer to refuse."
Be careful Ron...there are very few polticians that make us laugh anymore, this nobody would miss ya.
(Nobody Makes This Stuff Up)



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