Monday, June 28, 2010

The Destroyers

Protesters and G-20 leaders...who does the most damage?

Nobody's Opinion: Dr. you see him? I don't know about you, but this picture creeps me out. This might surprise many of you what I am going to say... but ---take your pick...which one of these pictures does NOT have criminals in it? And before you answer that the ones throwing rocks and bottles and starting fires are the bad guys, (which are well-organized communists and union thugs) remember what the Feds, and the politicians have done to cause the biggest depressions in the world, while making millions for themselves. There are many people who feel powerless and are angry at what the rich elite rulers and bankers have done to us all.

I'm surprised frankly, that there aren't more people protesting.

In the scheme of things, which one of these groups are actually doing the most damage to the economy? The people sitting around that table live in a world where they eat lobster and steak, while the protesters outside burn down the little business shops outside. This actually helps the big corporations, whose goal it is to get rid of ALL competition. One company to run our food (Monsanto) One company to control our water (Coke) One company to sell us our goods. (Wal-Mart)

Where are the global anti-trust laws?

Isn't it funny that we NEVER hear the side of the peaceful protesters? Do you ever hear what they are mad at? Do they give them much time on TV? I for one, would like to hear a few of them talk, to decide for myself.

The leaders get four hours on a Sunday afternoon to blast to the world their intentions of a "global" community where all nations will have to basically give up their sovereignty to the "new global rules." The Canadian Prime minster put it the best. He said the people may not like it, but giving up their sovereignty is a "simple reality."

We may not like It? Of course we don't like it. This WILL be a global dictatorship, with career politicians of a higher oligarchy telling everyone on the planet what they can make, where they can live, what they can drink and eat...and they are not shy anymore about their plans. They all will be rich beyond any imagination...and the rest of us...will be...mad.

This nobody remembers the protests of the sixties, and back then, the protesters were mostly spoiled kids from middle-class families who didn't have jobs, and were very idealistic. They were manipulated by the left who were already in place as teachers in the colleges. The kids of my generation didn't know what communism was. They had no clue. Their friends were dying in the Vietnam War, which made no sense to them. The black panthers, and the communists took these stoned kids and told them that capitalism was bad, and their parents were bad, and they should overthrow the capitalist system. A capitalistic system that, let's face it, has pretty much left a whole slew of bankers to rob the planet...with the help of mergers and kickbacks and offshore bank accounts.

It's like having a baseball game where all the umpires are paid to call the shots in favor of one team, and it's perfectly legal.

In the year 2000, I was in Washington D.C, during a WTO gathering and the city was a complete police state. I was stopped at every single corner and asked where I was going. When I finally saw the "fearful crowd" of dangerous protesters, I had to laugh. I felt like I was back in the sixties. The same young idealistic stupid faces...all hopeful that by protesting the big boys in Washington they could stop the bleeding.

Standing among them I felt no fear at all, only pity. Nevertheless... I found the sheer magnitude of a whole city in lock down, controlled by 40,000 or more soldiers and police with big guns, being used to control about 200 protesters...VERY frightening

In fact, I almost got into a fight with one soldier toting a big gun, because I told him I was going to Independent Hall to see The Declaration of Independence and that man said here WAS no such hall. I was so angry at the treatment of someone who just wanted to cross the street, that I demanded to see his supervisor, who just laughed.

I didn't think it was funny.

I was also told I would be SHOT if I happened to fall off the curb while the President passed in his limousine.
Yes, shot. Bill Clinton didn't need but two motorcycles to take him down the street, and why should he be concerned? The whole city was in lockdown. It was a police state. And for what? A bunch of rich college kids?
This is America?

We have seen real protests in other countries...Iran, Greece, Paris, London, China.. It's no wonder the elite get scared.

And now, the world is in collapse. Trillions of dollars have been stolen and an oligarchy of rich politicians and corporate managers have planned a very gloomy future for most of us. Water, food, and even heavier taxation is being planned with a one world currency. And no matter how much money they take from the little guy, not one of them will go to jail.

They protest the leaders of the world, and it's nothing new. In August, Glenn Beck is asking people to meet him in Washington. Do you think the rich and powerful globalists will listen? Will these new leaders of the New World Order be made into a Republic? Or a oligarchy?

Hillary wants the world to be more like Brazil...two classes. The rich and the poor.

It makes sense to them. They are just having a hard time explaining it to the rest of us.



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