Thursday, June 24, 2010


Nobody Knows:
---If somewhere there was a meeting held and a few very powerful men that are running the world said:
"Well, it's time to get rid of the girl. He's now a big joke. Release the police report, give her the final payment. We've got someone even better to replace Al to promote the cap and trade and get everyone convinced that global warming is real...someone the people love--- Paul McCartney. And since we want to wean the world off of steak, and protein, Paul will be perfect! Not only that, he smokes grass and that's going to help us get the legislation through. Al will still get his share."
Yes, if you want to get rid of a politician...bring up the old sex scandal, and he is trashed forever. But you have to wonder...What is it about Bill Clinton and Al Gore that they could never seem to get their girls to undress before they...left the evidence of a DNA stain? Were the guys just too...ugly? Scary? Was it those lips?
I'm just saying.
So, now we know. Paul McCartney is the new chosen messenger for global warming. No wonder he got so much attention at the White introduce us all to the NEW GURU of GREEN. We just didn't know it. That was a concert that just couldn't be canceled no matter what.
Paul said today denying s global warming is the same as denying the Holocaust. Next thing you know, he'll be vomiting pork grinds in a new movie with Micheal Moore. (Vomiting is the new politically correct fun thing to do...have you noticed?)
And just to make sure that you don't think Obama is behind what is coming...Obama went out and had a big American hamburger today with Comrade..Putin...I mean, yeah...Putin. Might as well be Putin.
In the meantime, I'm wondering, what stain is being held where and by whom? If you believe the tabloids...the next stain will be from the bathhouses of San Fransisco.
Sounds like fun!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Blo..y Paul bloo.. McCartney. ! Gordon Bennett. He is obviously in some need of money after the last Mrs Mc took him to the cleaners, on one leg.

Al is explainable when you get around to showing the picture of him and Tony Blah at the last but one G8 meeting with Bono and Cher and Celine. He was trying to do a contra deal with Tone, promising to stop sending his weekly video updates in exchange for Tone paying Al's electricty bill.

Er, the Pesidential cheesberger issue.It has to be understood that left wing Presidents cannot complain when the White House chefs want to 'express themselves'. Little has been written about the State Dinner the other week where the guests were served only cauliflower. Obama was incensed at the colour.

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