Friday, June 25, 2010

Puking and Smoking: The New Fashion

Nobody Wins:
"Okay." I said to my husband last night. Let's bet. Puking, smoking, and a strip bar..."
We were getting ready to watch the movie Benjamin Buttons and I was making a bet with him about how many of these lovely social behaviors would be shoved into the plot...sometimes very cleverly and sometimes for no reason at all.
Sure enough---there was puking, and smoking, and prostitution. And lately, it's in every single movie. Puking and smoking is even in the New Harry Potter movie.
So what, you might say? And then I answer," You mean you LOVE to puke? You and Dolly Parton?"
Anyone who has had a stomach flu, or too much alcohol, or since NAFTA, something rotten from the grocery store, knows that puking your guts out is not a pleasant thing to do. Why in the Sam Hill would we want to watch it? The stomach acid in itself is enough to have you begging for mercy. For most people, it's a memory you do not want to relive.
And yet, that is exactly what they are doing to us, on a daily basis.
I will never forget my worst bout with it. I was away at college and my girlfriend invited me to her home for her first home-cooked chicken dinner. I was the first to take a bit out of a chicken leg, and when I looked down...I saw...maggots. BIG...maggots.
I puked that whole weekend. I just slept outside the dorm, lying on the lawn with a garden hose..and it was autumn. Staying in the bathroom was impossible. It's a wonder I survived. It's not a memory I want to keep reliving every time I see someone throw up on film.
And now, with all the poor girls suffering from impossible images of "NO FAT" fashion, anorexia is becoming all too real in too many of our young girls. Making throwing that good?
So, the question I have is; why are they putting people puking in all the movies? What possible social significance could this have?
And just when you thought the verdict was in about cigarettes, with the recent years of banning smoking in every'd think, with the cancer caused by cigarettes and smoking dope, that they would keep it out of our movies, unless of course, the movie was an historical WWII, where everyone smoked. But no---tell me if I'm wrong. Someone will ALWAYS light up.
If you haven't noticed it, you haven't been paying attention.
Right, eat your fruits and vegetables, but..hey...don't forget to smoke!
We've gotten used to the mixed racial couples, the black always being boss, the new lesbian and gay plots, the anti-religious plots...and most of us see it for what it is: they have been social engineering the masses for years, and it's working.
But, I was...shocked, when I was reading Glenn Beck's new book: The Overton Window, because--- sure enough, the main character had to puke... and there was also...smoking. But, in Glenn's case, if he was an alcoholic seen a lot of both.
So, what's wrong with me? I don't even like to READ about puking.
The day after I finished his book, Glenn was simulating puking on his radio program, to something Nancy Pelosi had said.
I had to turn him off. I'm sorry, I guess I'm a prude. I think of all the really sick people who are not eating well, the ones with cancer, or ulcers, or just having had lunch, and how just hearing the sound instantly makes them sick. Puking to many people, is like a yawn...when you see or hear someone puking, you want to gag yourself.
So, in this New World Order of social engineering, why do we have to see our favorite movies stars puke? Or smoke? Surely they realized that they are encouraging new generations of smokers who might die of lung cancer? I know--- they get paid big bucks, but really---they all have millions...why?
Are the producers that hard up for money?
Putting trains in the movies... I can stand. I know they are getting us used to the thought of riding trains., Warren Buffet himself has probably put J.K. Rowling's picture on his fireplace mantle. A whole generation of little Harry Potter readers will prefer the trains.
But tell me, what is the point of all this puking? I have been trying to figure this out, but I suppose they want us all to get desensitized to puking. We are, after all, desensitized to everything else; murder, beheading, prostitution, gays, ...smoking,...and that's just the video games.
Now--- puking. I there puking in the video games too?
What do they know about the future that we don't? Are they going contaminate all the meat with maggots?
Anyway, I'm just talking to myself tonight, and wondering, why nobody writes about this stuff but me.
Nobody Wins when you are forced to watch people puking on the screen. Life is hard enough.
UPDATE: Nobody is watching War of the Worlds while I'm writing this...and nobody pukes. They don't have time to puke, they just evaporate! Now, that's MY kind of movie!
I'm waiting for the movie where someone smokes AND pukes, while watching a Muslim stripper..or...has it been made already?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas recalls....:

... the old days of hollywood where the rules were simple. No kissing on the bed unless one foot was on the floor, and emphasising the verb before the cuss word. (as in 'give a damn').

No it isn't about no-no, but yes yesses. Yes to the couple of mincing gay gays; yes to the girls kissing; yes to the fart jokes; yes to the 'executive' woman and the dunb loser husband; yes to the smart-arsed kid who has an answer to everything; yes to a black President - Hah ! As if !

8:21 PM  

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