Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nobody Cares About the Price of Pinenapples

Nobody Cares; Now that everyone is talking about how raciest everybody ELSE is, I thought it might be a good time to get off the subject of whites hating blacks, and blacks hating whites, and Muslims hating Jews, and men hating women, and Mel Gibson hating his old girlfriend who fell asleep at the wrong time, and Irish hating Protestants, and Mexicans hating old white gringo's and Glenn Beck hating Woodrow Wilson, and White Tea Party People hating Blank Panthers, and Black Panther hating White Tea Party people...and Obama hating just about everyone and everything that is not communistic, and dogs hating fleas, and nobody hating not having enough time in the day...and well...I need a break.

And I got one tonight. While walking my dog under a crescent moon, I was stopped by a favorite neighbor, who showed me a box of little baby rabbits that he found in his back yard, and we shared an "awwww" moment under a hot summer night.

Oh, and by the way...he is black. And neither one of us is raciest.

If you believe what you hear all day'd think everyone hated each other, and that you shouldn't go out on a hot night to walk your dog due to the dangerous heat, because you might get raped by a gang of black men who will leave you in the gutter to die of heat stroke.


So, what should be much ore concerning than "race" at the moment is the economy.

And I might need a job, tell me what you think.

I'm thinking about growing pineapples in my basement, because I read that there is a pineapple being grown in a greenhouse which is heated by horse manure and urine soaked hay. And these pineapples go for $15,250 dollars a piece.

So, I'll just use dog manure, and my husband and I can supply the urine soaked hay, (saving on our water bill) and tell me...who will know the difference?

I will sell MY pineapples for just $10,000 a piece to undercut the competition.

And to my dear neighbor, who was saving little bunnies...he will get my first one for just being who he is...a good guy.

"Sticks and Stones may break my bones..but an expensive pineapples will never hurt me."



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