Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Mel Gibson

Nobody's Perfect: CleoOksanaGibson

"I will not be triumphed over." Cleopatra

Ah....true love.

Mel Gibson, has pretty much won the award for all time in the "chauvinist pig" department, thanks to his rather smart x -girlfriend...Oksana Grigoreiva. I say smart, because she taped his angry rants, and published them all over the world, and now her career will take off.

In that respect, if that happens, Mel was right. He was being used and conned. But it sounds like he deserved it for being so arrogantly stupid.

When I first heard the rant, being the great conspiracy theorist that I am, I almost thought it sounded like two "actors" ad-libbing lines in a movie. For instance, Mel, in the middle of his rant, says "she" as if he is talking to a third person. And who says things in the middle of a rant like-- "my first wife could not meet me spiritually?" in between the many f- words?

Who talks like that?

Well, if the rant was real or a fake, it doesn't matter. Most people were...shocked, at how a man with so much success can blow it all in a nano-second with a narcissistic melodramatic soliloquy.

The question here is: Which one of these two people is Cleo?

It's been a hard year for us nobodies in the celebrity department.

First, we had Tiger Woods crashing into a tree while being chased by his wife, who put a Iron through his back window. We did not hear her rant, no...she just chased him with the club---but I bet it was good. And that was after she found out about just one lover, not the 24 that later turned up. It's okay for a woman to go after a man with a "lethal" weapon I guess. But...what if she had succeeded in hitting Tiger? (or did she?)

Than Paul McCartney,-- It wasn't too long ago that we watched Paul and his second wife fight it out in the tabloids. It had to be another embarrassing moment for the God-like Beatle, to have a woman marry him, then dump him, and get as much as she could after doing it. Especially after that expensive dream-castle wedding.

But, --- many a women scheme. And when you have the man's child, you have...money for your future. Especially if the man is rich. You'd think these guys would know that.

After being worshipped as a sexual god, it can a hard lesson to find out that you are actually no different than the many millions of nobodies that worship you. When love goes bad...sometimes it becomes a Shakespearian travesty of "payback."

The feel of being betrayed by someone you give your life and fortune too, can be too much for many men to handle. And Mel Gibson was obviously blasted with that reality. He wanted a sexier woman, and he got it. His wife was growing older...and he felt he deserved more.

I love it.

The "hell hath no fury as a woman scorned" works both ways.

While everyone is focusing on Mel's racial remarks, I thought it more important that it comes in the context of his insinuating that his girlfriend was dressing so provocatively she deserved to be raped.

Sure, and we could say with Mel's attitude towards women, he deserves to be beaten up by a few very big and burly gay military women Navy Seals, in the back of a pick-up truck.

Whoopi may be right...Mel is not a "racist." But he is suffering from delusions. He thinks he is superior to just about everyone on this planet, no matter who or what they are...and his world is falling apart. He is suffering from that, "I will never be the stud I use to be," and yes, he is going to die someday. Losing that ability to attract any woman in the room has got to be killing him.

Did he hit her?

Probably. And that makes him an unforgivable coward.

What is so bad about all this stuff is how it is going to affect the rest of us. Most men are not like Mel. Although, here in Missouri, most men call women the c- word at least once in every day. We all know many who do---it's very common. The black men call their women much worse.
In that respect I think it's important to remember: We do have free speech, as much as we don't like what we hear sometimes. Mel had the right to say whatever he wanted to...he thought it was a private conversation, and any decent person would have hung up on him, but she was enjoying the trap.

Cleo's---the both of them.

Mel will now join Tiger Woods in being the "bad" men on the planet, and their examples will be used forever to further liberal cases for how women should rule the world and that...is NOT a good thing.

This image that women are either angels or whores has always been a bad thing for society. And it's has been many a good man's downfall. Too bad it had to be Mel Gibson to set the worst example.

But hey...there's always Dubai, Mel. You would fit right in.

(I STILL think there is something fishy about this whole thing....you know me. )



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Ohhww, you are a naughty woman. But spot on.

And what was that song, a long while back, about this nationality hating that and the other the other etc and ended with ..."And I don't like anybody very much"?

There should be a line about ..'But I love Nobody, anyway".


9:52 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Right...hating is "in" now.

And thanks amfortas! Ditto!

9:43 AM  

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