Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nobody Cares About the Armenians

Nobody's Opinion:
"The Americans...the people think nothing will ever happen here." said my new swimming buddy, Anna.
It was at my local community swimming pool where we first dark- skinned new friend. She introduced herself, and spoke with an accent, so I immediately thought she was "Mexican." Then, I asked her where she was born.
"Egypt" she said. "I am Armenian. My parents left when I was young to escape the Muslims. You know, they will never change. I can't believe they are going to let them build a Mosque in New York. They do it to show victory." she said.
And she should know. And I agreed. And both of us were dumbfounded that in America, such a thing could happen.
As she talked on, she told me she once went back to her favorite church in Turkey. It was called Saint Sophia. And she said, she remembered how the Muslims would take over villages when she was small. They would build a Mosque right next to the Christian Church, and harass.
When she walked inside her beloved childhood Christian church, she could not believe that they had build a Mosque right inside the church. They changed the named to Haifa Sophia.
"A man came up to me and said, because he could tell by the look on my face, he said, 'You don't belong here, do you? He made me leave."
Anna's big brown eyes turned so sad with the memory...on such a sunny beautiful day in the middle of America.
I certainly was never taught anything about the Armenians, so tonight I looked them up. The Christian Armenians were the first holocaust victims. During the Ottoman empire, in 1914... over 4000,000 of them were killed, maimed, raped, gassed, burned and poisoned. There were at least 24 concentration camps built to house them for extermination. The Turks now deny this of course.
Muslims then AND now, considered all Christians to be second- class citizens. This is NOT going to change. Non-tolerance for anyone but Muslims is breed into them from birth. So, why are all our politicians bowing to them, kissing their hands, giving them money? The Muslim religion promotes slavery, and yet, many blacks want to be Muslims.
Go figure
In Bosnia, they were mass -exterminations 1875. And remember- Bill Clinton fought on the side of the Muslims. I never DID figure out what that Kosovo was all about...did you? It was like...say what? We are saving who? And why? We are against the Christians? Because Bill Clinton said so?
We now learn that Obama is using tax-payer money to get a Muslim/A Qaeda leaders..supported and elected in Kenya. And it isn't chump change either.
He was actually campaigning for a radical Islamic ruler to be elected in Kenya while a Senator.
He stands with Palestine over Israel. He put a black fist into our laws, and our American faces. He acts JUST like a Muslim. And when he cannot get his way with the race card, he plays the "they hate my name" card.
Despicable behavior for any man, let alone a President.
No wonder he didn't want to go by "Barry."
He continues to give the Muslims all the support and money they seem to want, and we have never been in more danger than we are now. We should be screaming...he has way too much power, this great pretender.
It is the dream of the Muslims to just take over, from the inside, the United States of America.
To see a Mosque being built right next to the 9/11 tragedy will say to the Muslim world that we have surrendered to bin doesn't matter how many years we are in Afghanistan.
It's pointless.
I can't help but remember the day that Air Force One flew over New York and scared thousands of New Yorkers. And I also would not doubt it, in a New York minute, if that plane was not full of Muslim buddies of the newly elected Osama Obama.
We were told, it was a fluke....right. And my name is Mohammad.
Tonight, as I was watching the movie...2012, and how every single landmark in the United States was it...Washington D.C.... Yellowstone, Hawaii, etc... I finally got the answer on why we are seeing so many mass destruction movies destroying American.
The money to fund the movies is coming from Arab lands, (because we are broke) and they want to see it gives them great entertainment.
The scene where Woody Harrison stands on the precipice of Yellowstone's Cauldron, and says "This is the last day of the United States of America!!!!" in joyful glee...made me sick.
I should have known. Yes, we are supplying the Muslims world's finest propaganda.
Why did the movie, not include Mecca falling, like they did the Vatican?
Anna and I can tell you...but, like she said...many don't believe it will happen here.
And so...we swim....we...swim, while we still can.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Your Armenian friend has a strange sense of time and complaint. I have been in the Ayia Sophia, which was built as a Christian Cathedral (the largest in the world at the time). It remained so for many hundreds of years until the Christian Constantinople ( now Istanbul) became part of the Ottoman Empire. And yes, the Muslims turned it into a Mosque and made it even more magnificent for four hundred years - which is longer than America has existed.

If she had ever been to England she would see hundreds of magnificent Cathedrals that rival Sophia. They were build mostly by Catholics and are now mostly Protestant ever since Henry V111 decided that a State religion was the way to go and could start it all off by stealing all the Catholic heritage of a thousand years.

I suppose using your Armenian friend's logic, we should chuck the proddies out of England and return it to Catholicism.

But times and 'powers' change and religions steal from one another. So do Nations. America was once a possession of Great Britain. In fact Britain invented it, financed it, shed blood for it, populated it and created its trade.

The Parthenon in Athens was built as a Temple to Athena, a rather raunchy 'empowered' female Goddess. That too was turned into a Christian Church (Catholic) and then into a Mosque too.

Anna was told she didn't belong there? It is everybody's. I wasn't turned away. Most Turks are proud of Ayia Sophia and welcome visitors.

Next time a plane load of Americans visit Machu Pichu perhaps some south american can say 'you don't belong here. This place is for sacrificing furriners'.

By the way, freedom of religious expression is something that Americans hold as one of their great social treasures. It was given to the Britain's American Colonies by William of Orange, King of England

2:35 AM  
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