Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gibson VS Obama...or We Should Be Soldiers...

Nobody Knows that tonight I watched the movie, "We Were Soldiers" on TV again, and I thought about the first time I approached the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. (see picture) I was with a tour group, and as you approach the wall, you aren't thinking much...every memorial is pretty much the same, until you turn around, and read...the names.

And then, you look...to the right...to the left...and the names are very small and go on...forever, and then...it hits you...and you cry.

At least I did.

In fact, I had a hard time stopping. (I was the only one on the tour that did...and I was ashamed at that...but there you go)

All those men died in Vietman... 58,000, and...for what?

All those mothers without a son. Every single name on that wall reminded you how wonderful and precious is the honor of our men. I was so upset at the realization...of so MANY that gave their lives, that by the time the tour got to the last stop, Arlington National Cemetery...I had developed such a bad case of nerves and stomach pain, I asked the tour guide to return me immediately back to the White House and drop me off.

Seeing Arlington's graves would had done me in emotionally. It's one thing to know the facts, that our men have died in so many wars to protect our American ideas-- but it's quite another to see every one of them right before your eyes.

And so, as the end of that great movie came, I was thinking just how wronged Mel Gibson has been trashed. Sure, he lashed out at a woman who he thought loved him, in a very repulsive way...but what we were listening to should have been between two people. To air every single word was simply...dispickable on her part. There was no need for it.

Mel Gibson at least deserves in his life, our respect for his very great movies. In Braveheart, he honored the concept of 'freedom". In Patriot, he gave our ideals of an American Nation a great honor in the story, and at a time when we were realizing we were losing what our founders fought for.

In, We Were Solders, he told of the bravery of our boys in combat and how they gave their lives, simply because their country ask them too.

Mel Gibson...has HONROED America, many times over, unlike Clooney, and all the movies being made about how our boys in Iraq are baby killers, and all the crap we see--- movies knocking America at every turn....and now, millions all over the world will disregard Mel's great work, and for what? Because they made SUCH a big deal out of it some revenge of some gold-digger? He wanted "sex" and she didn't?

Uh..whole Muslim Nations treat their women MUCH worse than Mel Gibson, and yet, we don't care? Where is the hypocracy here? Muslim women are actaully really beaten, imprisoned, raped, stoned, and treated like cattle....and yet the movie stars go to Dubai and have sex?

What's wrong with this picture?

After thinking about all those men who gave their lives in such mismanage war as Vietnam...I was thinking...Mel Gibson is a regular SAINT compared to the imposture in the White House:

1. A man who claimed he was Christian to get into the White House, but who is by all accounts and actions is a Muslim....he lied. He now says we are not a "Christian" nation.

2. A man who has pushed "National Health Care" into our great country, which will basically kill millions of people. A bureaucrat will now decide if our sick lives are worth anything

3. A man who bankrupts the country...in order to turn us into a communist nation.

4. A man who attacks all our allies...and dismantles the constitution, and attacks his very own

5. A man who once could not even salute the flag.

The flag...that all the man on that wall died for...and all the men in Arlington gave their lives.
That one act alone, makes him unfit to command.

I'll say it again...that one act alone makes him unfit to command. I don't care if he salutes now...he does it now to protect himself. He does it to disarm and fool...he a fraud.
Obama is no more American than Oliver Stone.

6. A man who makes himself King, and is taking over all our businesses our lives, our wealth, in order to redistribute it to whomever he wants.

7. A man who will continue our endless wars, and make them bigger. He almost welcomes an attack for his own gain.

Tell me, who is the better man? Mel Gibson or Barack Obama? Who commits the worst crimes against humanity?

I hope Mel continues to make his very patriotic movies.

And I would, if I saw him, say this:

"Mel...I'm so sorry you have such a weakness for beautiful women..."

But, get up, apologize to woman all over the world, tell us you were wrong...you lost your head...you were a jerk....you were thinking with the wrong head...it's not the first time....and let it go. If you believe in God's forgiveness, so do the rest of us.

Mel.. please.....go back to work. We need you now...more than ever.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

The first War Graves that I saw personally was at Kranji on Singapore Island. It was a beautifully tended field sewn with pure white crosses. Thousands. They were the rememberance of the thousands who died there in WW2 and a reminder of much more.

I cried too, Joy. I was saddened to the point of personal identification (I was a very young 20 year old, on my first 'war' tour overseas in the Air Force); and angered too. That anger included the Australian Commander, General Gordon Bennett who ran away just before the Japanese arrived, leaving his men behind. Just like General MacArthur, the American who ran away from the Phillipines leaving his men behind.

Presidents don't generally even bother to lead their men into battle anymore, let alone run away. Obama is 'Commander in Chief', of a number of desks and pens, and telephones and email in/out boxes. At least Kings of old earned their crowns at the head of armies, physically present twenty yards ahead of the front ranks and leading the charge.

Now it is Mel Gibson, posted in to take over from John Wayne, and with a more luxuriously appointed Rest Vehicle.

7:08 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

My father always told me that the men serving in the Pacific just HATED MacArthur...they said he just came in for the photo op.

Your right...the Kings of old did lead the men.

Thanks amfortas, I feel better to know that someone else found the sight of so many graves overwhelming....brave soldier...
you are and remain.

11:20 PM  

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