Monday, August 02, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Maxine and Charlie

Nobody's Perfect: Uh-oh.
Two of the biggest crooks this side of Atlas's Shrugs railroad tracks are being thrown under the black bus by the racist pigs of America....It seems "someone" is actually looking into the ethical behavior of a lady who lobbied for lots of stimulus money to go to a "black" bank that she and her husband had major stock in...and.. GOOD TIME CHARLIE...who has so many properties he just can't remember them all can only be forgiven for not paying his taxes so many times.
How DARE they. Such FINE examples of human morals should be honored.
And now...the puppet master himself... is throwing them under the bus. Here, we see his picture.
Our first black President has said that Charlie Rangel should retire with the grace and dignity that we all know and love. (As seen in this picture)
As America wonders how in the world these two ever got to be sitting in the Congress...we ALSO wonder...why stop with them?
For whatever reason, they are being made a big news scandal to divert our attention, because by all accounts...WWIII is about to start in the Middle East.
I can't WAIT to see them on Trump's Apprentice...can you?



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