Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Pass the Heat Wave Please

Nobody Knows--- that I love Hubble pictures...I have a weakness for every Hubble picture ever taken. I have pictures of galaxies in my kitchen to put the fact that I'm not a very good cook into perspective. When I feel bad if I've had my mind on something besides cooking and burn the bacon, I just look at my posters. My cooking doesn't matter in the whole scheme of time and space. If I had to reason, I'd say Julia Child never looked up much.
And that's not me, I'm always looking up. I still go out every night looking for the moon and stars, and complain if I can't see any. I'm annoying as hell, but my dogs really don't care.
My biggest scare in my life, came when I was three. I was NOT scared of what was in the dark, or what monster lurked behind closet doors...but all those many stars in the sky. The notion that I was not even a speck of sand in my tiny body was a horrible realization. You talk about frightening---I couldn't sink low enough from the inevitability of man's puny existence. The back seat of my dad's Buick was my hiding place. I figured, the stars would never find me there underneath my blanket, which I could not help but stare out of into the night sky...and wonder....oh my god...
Yes, I figured out I was a big nobody at three, and I have stuck by at reasoning. ever since. Even if I became a famous person, (by some freak accident) I would still be a nobody from my reasoning at three. It's just a fact I've never given up on. Go figure. Can't blame it on my mother. I was abused by vast spaces of nebulous. It happens.
God, I love these pictures. Just look at them.
Tonight, August the 4th, 2010, as we all go about our routines, a huge solar burst will hit the atmosphere and bring on wonderful sky displays, even into the Northern parts of the United States.
And if you believe many, this heat wave we are having is not caused by any sort of solar flares, but by the evil pollution of men and their pickup trucks. That's why the EPA has to tax those evil men who are letting cows roll about in the dirt, while they drive their pick-up trucks drinking beer and taking long drives down dirt roads just to be mean---stirring up such heat that the Russians are drowning trying to cool off.
Wait. Man did NOT cause this heat wave? You mean, the sun is waking up? Russians can stop drowning themselves?
Hey, I'm with the sun. Give me a warm globe over an ice age any old day of the week.
So what if Iceland goes Green again? My gardenia's will flourish.
I envy every person who is going to get to see this tonight....and let me remind you...
It's okay to be a bad cook. Buy a microwave. And enjoy the lights.
Mother sun is talking to ya!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas joins...:

...Joyanna, watching the vastness and smiles as she excels herself.

That small three year old already could do what the whole of existence waited so long for: A tiny, insignificant 'part' of itself to be able to reflect upon itself. And she has never lost that magnificent ability.

7:02 PM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...


That is just about the SWEETEST thing that any human being has ever said to me.

You have my heart...and the universe inside.

10:56 PM  

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