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Alexandria--- Third Wave?

FLASH: This might bore you, but it's important to's

Nobody's Opinion: A book must be an ice ax to break the frozen sea within us--Franz Kafka

Technology is suppose to make our lives easier. The car, the light bulb...the Internet... we are all excited about these wonderful advancements. you want the good news or the bad news first?

See the picture of this sweet old gentleman and his wife? That's Alvin Toffler and his wife Heidi, and don't let those innocent gazes fool you...they are two of the most dangerous people on the planet.

Why? Because their research and ultimate influence on the world's globalization plans happening right before our eyes, cannot even be measured. For YEARS...they have counseled Kings, Prime Ministers, CEO'S of international companies... and all our Presidents, and most of them have taken their advice. They "predicted" what they named as the "Third Wave of Information age."

This nobody claims, they didn't just predict...they helped socially engineer this tyrannical "Global World." Just the fact that they are adored in China (where they love to live) should tell you something about their intentions.

Right now, the Internet has opened up new worlds...(unless of course you're live in China)But here's the bad news: The third wave of information comes for the elites, not you and me. We are on a "need to know" basis, and a poorly educated populace is better than an educated one.

They wouldn't do that you say? Purposely keep us stupid? Really? How can they do that?

By controlling the knowledge. Google as you know, can already do this.

I once heard Bill Clinton talk about it, how the new gold in the 21st century will be 'Knowledge.' When I first read about the "value" of this new currency in Future Shock many years ago, I thought..."How can that replace money? Or Gold? Knowledge is free at the library, isn't it?"

Silly...I thought.

Here's the good news: Last week, I was listening to Laura Ingram, a conservative talk show host, who had just written a book called,The Obama Diaries, and she was so excited when she was describing the new technology of downloading books on all those new book the Amazon Kindle, or the I-Pad. She wanted you to download her book of course. And what is so cool is that you could be reading a book and the author could "link" you to a video in any sentence. I'd say that's pretty exciting..

Okay, so what you're problem with advancement of technology Joyanna?

Remember when Tom Hank's big super bookstore put poor Meg Ryan's little tiny family bookstore out of business in the movie, You've Got Mail? Take it a step further.

I just happened to hear a Random House Publisher, Jason Epstein, on Charlie Rose tell us about the future of the book industry, and it's been planned. It's coming, he said, the "reconstituted digital transformation."

Now, the big chain book stores will be going out of business, everyone will just be downloading books. It will be cheaper than buying them, and all the publishing in the world will be done by just a few people...(like him, who have patents on the technology) and of course, a few authors will get very, VERY rich.

With this monopoly, the value of books and knowledge will be...too much for most to afford, And here's the really bad news: only a few men will decide what books will be "published" online.

For years, the price of a college education has gone up so high, only the minorities and the very rich can afford to attend them. The price of books at the colleges are simply...outrageous.
And now, the blue collage middle-class jobs are gone. So, if you do not have a degree, you will end up at a "service" job---period. The middle class which made America so great--- where once most could afford an education, is almost gone here in America. And our public schools are too horrible to even mention. A black child in the early 19th century could get a better education. That's a fact.

And now, the state's budgets are being cut, and libraries will be the first to go. Camden ,N.J. is closing all three libraries and either selling or destroying their 187,00 books.

Remember that...destroying books.

Toffler was right. Knowledge..will become even harder for the general public to get to. If you want to read the latest book, and you can't afford the expensive price at the few remaining book stores, and your local library gets thrown to the heap bill of history, then you will have to buy a Kindle or I-Pad (which is not cheap) and also, sooner or later, pay a monthly fee...just to be able to download. Miss a payment...sorry, no book tonight. The fee, I'm sure will be loaded with taxes...just another expense many of us cannot afford.

And think of the millions that are going to be put out of work. No more inventory, no more "agents", no -more publishing houses, no more more book designers, type- casters, whole industry gone...those were his words, not mine.

I come from a long line of book addicts. I like to read a chapter out of four or five books a day. Alvin Toffler said he liked to examine at least ten papers from all over the world a day. Most people will only be able to afford to download one book at a time. How sad for those of us who like to compare and think about more than one subject.

Bill Clinton said that he didn't think books will disappear, and I agree. The rich will hoard them...Google is putting every book ever written in a special vault all for themselves, despite copyright laws. They will be the richest guys on the planet.

But...if there is an EMP attack, and the Internet is taking over by the government...what are you going to do? The book is, after all, in thin air.

Jason told Charlie Rose he got excited about how he could download the whole Beijing library in just a few short hours. I mean, really...Beijing has an exciting library there , Jason?

More good news is: paper will be saved. The bad news is: the population will be dumber, history will be in the hands of a few to spin.

Will this nightmare happen? Maybe not right away...but I see the change already at my local library. When Obama was elected...they redid the whole thing. Shelves upon shelves of sports, and really trivial stuff replaced the old classics. It's as if they want to keep the black population stupid.

So, my advice is: guard those Harry Potter Books...someday they will be worth a lot of money. In fact, if your local library is having a sale, do the world a favor and go stock up. You never know, you might want to open up a book someday when the electrical grid goes down.

The great library of Alexandria was burnt down, much to humanity's loss, so future generation might thank us for preserving the knowledge that we have so far.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says..."

I love my books. There will always be books while I am alive and probably always.

New means of media will come and develop but books will survive for a while yet.

Fear not Joyanna.

Toffler. Futures. There have been 'seers' and entrail readers to Kings and Presidents since time immemorial. Ronnie R had an astrologer. Well, his missus did. So we are to understand. It was in a book I think.

Before Toffler however a much brighter chap looked back ( a very long way) and forward ( quite a way) to much greater effect. Fr. Pierre Tielhard de Chardin, SJ. He foresaw the internet fifty years before it came. He also predicted the 'change' in the consciousness of mankind that would be brought about by the Internet; the Planetary Brain. He looked to the rise of 'Individuality' rooted in individuals, not the State. And the development and flowering of the Spirit of Man.

He didn't publish his work as he was fobidden to publish. But his friends did after he died.

Worth reading a chapter or two there Joy.

5:53 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Ahhh...ever the optimist! Remember the record player? Remember the old VHS tapes?They simply got rid of them.

Many say, that the government cannot stop the internet, that it's too big.

But, according to this man,Jason, who was the top publisher at Random House... the wave of the future is books online. Sorry about that folks he said.

Amazon once accidentially "erased" 1984 from everyone's Kindle. You buy the book, and one day you look for it, and it's GONE?

Say what?

Personally, I don't think it was an accident. I think, it was a statement.

You and I will have our books, yes that's true...but even now, I can't afford them anymore.

Your friend was right...the internet is fabulous and has brought us all's still depends on electricity, and forces outside your control.

I'm just saying. If they can force people to upgrade...they can force you to have to pay a big fee for books...

And they can saturated the libraries with wonderful books on's happened in my library...and there is not much of a choice. It's startling to see books talking about how wonderful communism is in my library.

And it's right across the street from the high school.

The internet is great...but a BOOK...that's a whole other universe isn't it?

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"it's still depends on electricity, and forces outside your control."

Are you trying to tell me that I am not the King of the World? I am beset by forces beyond my control. But a day will come..... whooharharhahahaha

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"it's still depends on electricity, and forces outside your control."

Are you trying to tell me that I am not the King of the World? I am beset by forces beyond my control. But a day will come..... whooharharhahahaha

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"it's still depends on electricity, and forces outside your control."

Are you trying to tell me that I am not the King of the World? I am beset by forces beyond my control. But a day will come..... whooharharhahahaha

7:45 PM  
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