Friday, August 13, 2010

Sheik Obama...Celebrating His Own

Nobody Reports:
Today, it seems to many Americans across the land, that our "President" has joined hands with his favored people, and it's not us.
He gave a big White House dinner celebrating Ramadan... with a big circus of people who have NO tolerance for America...who wish to take us over.
When was the last time he denounced the action of 9/11? I don't even remember if he ever did, do you?
I found this poster on the net, and normally, I would have thought it to strong to post...but tonight...I actually think it doesn't go far enough.
I don't think we can continue to be patient with such an impostor in the White House. Some say, we must be patient...because of the RESPECT of the office itself.
The office is disappearing right before our eyes
I say, BECAUSE we respect the office...we must attack this illegal President verbally with every American argument we can foster. Freedom is nowhere to be found in the Muslim religion or culture, and when our President supports it with open arms, he slaps freedom in the face, and every man or woman who lost their lives on 9/11.
I tell you what...Allah can have him.



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