Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Glenn Beck, Boxing, and World Soccer

Nobody Cares: (That's me...watching boxing.)
What does Glenn Beck, World Soccer, and ESPN Boxing have in common?
They all work as public emotional release valves.
Most of the world is ready to explode, and some do...as we saw last week with the airline attendant that grabbed the beer and left his job by dramatically sliding down the escape hatch, after telling off the rude passenger what she could do with the rest of her day...
Don't we all want to do just that at least once a day?
BUT.. I'm sure that the "powers" above feel....if we can just "channel" that frustration and anger, order will remain.
When I listen to Glenn Beck tell us that no we are all not crazy, we truly are being "&%^$"...come to Washington and join him in quiet protest" .. he gives us hope. He tells us "we are not alone." But most importantly, he is CONTROLLING the anger, and putting the masses into where the least harm can be done. All of Washington should send him big checks for his service.
And soccer...while a more "sophisticated" sport...it seems to satisfy the anger many of the countries feel about all the other countries...it's a way to go to war, without actually going to war. You put on your country colors and if they win...then you too feel like a champion, and some of that anger just dissipates until...at least the next day. (unless you live in certain places like South America or England)Some of the country's citizens, live lives of quiet desperation...and to compete gives their own lives meaning.
And now...every single night on cable...we are being given...for free...BOXING! And it couldn't have come at a better time. I can't believe at this time in my life..I'm getting hooked on it. While I can't control the fact that a bunch of thugs are ruining our country, I can "displace" my anger into that knockout punch.
And I want them to fight. Fair. And with emotion.
I really get into it. "Look, he's getting tired, look...look." And it's fun. I'm learning a lot by watching the different fighters, and also learning, they don't fight like they used to.
Tonight, we watched a 1989 heavyweight championship at Las Vegas, where Holyfield won the title from a guy older, and heavier. Holyfield started out with a deliberate hard punch to the champ's groin. And who can forget the Tyson Ear Munch? This fight was two men, standing toe to toe, and just throwing one hard punch after another. You watch some of the fights of today, and the lack of "professionalism" is very noticeable.
So, what does this mean? Fall of the Roman Empire? Bring out the Lions?
I don't know. But, in the past, you had to "pay" to watch a match. Now, the fights are all over the cable, every night.
Howard Cosell, at the end of his life, tried to get boxing outlawed as a barbaric sport.
What he didn't know, is these boxers might just be keeping America's emotions channeled on the fights on TV...instead of on the streets.
And I say: "Bring it on"..I'm tired of programs about meaningless dribble, and the feminization of men. Nobody cares if I happen to think that if there are men willing to get into a small square, and hit another man because they feel compelled and have a talent for it?
Who am I to complain?
Now...dog fights...that's another matter.



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