Monday, August 09, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Michelle Antoinette

Nobody's Perfect; Michelle Obama wins the Nobody's Perfect award for last week, I mean...COME contest there! The whole world was writing about what a rude and obnoxious thing to do when your "subjects" are suffering! Go party in another country,really.

Michelle just took the most expensive vacation ever taken by a first lady in the mist of a "modern depression." I say modern because in the last depression there was no such thing as a credit card...for the banks to get rich off of.
Somebody (bankers) are making a lot of money off of people having no money. Men are just so clever, aren't they?

No matter. Michelle, after being criticized for leaving her poor husband all alone on his birthday, and sending another daughter off to suffer alone at some 'camp'...said that she went to Spain to "comfort" her poor friend whose father had just died. And in order to comfort this friend she booked 40 rooms at the most expensive hotel in Spain, hopped on Air Force One, and just had a grand old time at our expense.

In the meantime, here in America, due to the great expense of Michelle's vacation, they had to shut Yellowstone Park down in order to pay for her trip.

Here we see a starving bear...waiting for his that did NOT come last week due to the fact, all the park rangers were out applying for welfare.

It's a sad world when a first lady does this to her "people," but to abuse the poor bears.
By the way, the picture of Michelle really does her justice....don't you think?
(Nobody makes this stuff up.)
Picture of Marie...c/o media matters.



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