Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Diva in Ann Coulter

Nobody's Opinoin: What do Lady Gaga, Arianna Huffington, and Ann Coulter have in common besides wonderfully full and pretty hair? They are all DIVA's and you can't take any of them seriously.

Ann Coulter took that screaming angry conservative siren image ...the image that all the liberals have been claiming she actually is, to a whole new level this past last week. She attacked Joseph Farrah, the good editor of WorldNet Daily with such adolescent verbosity you would have thought she was Paris Hilton complaining about the dirty door mats inside her limo.

And why? Is there a DIVA virus going around?

Mr. Farrah has given MS Coulter a very high and wonderful throne in which to express her opinions, which are mostly about Washington politics. I know, that's where I discovered her.

The argument seems to be a "personal" one, in which she says, he says, who says, and it really doesn't matter at this point who's trust was betrayed, but what does matter, is the classless way in which Ann is handling the matter.

She went to the old liberal playbook of calling names. She called Mr. Farrah, a "Swine. Publicity Whore." and my personal favorite: "Fake Christian."

I never knew there was such a thing. So--- does that mean there are fake Muslims, fake liberals, fake conservatives, and fake intellectual female conservative pundits? I guess when all you do is contemplate fake patriotic politicians for so long, it rubs off on your DIVA psyche, and you can't tell a fake Christian (Obama) from a real Christian (Farrah) even if Jesus came down from the cross and pointed him out to you.

Ann's outrage from being canceled from Farrah's upcoming conference, "Taking America Back Nationally" was almost orgasmic. Evidently she saw nothing wrong with the fact that she would be hosting a big GOP-Gay festival, and in her opinion, that it was a Christian thing to do, and that it should not affect any future monetary engagements.

Ann argues that she has and will talk just about anywhere, therefore, what's the beef? Just book another gig there, Ms. Coulter.

Pretty stupid way to make a point for a woman of Ann's intelligence, so..what's going on? Is she Does she, like Dick Chaney, have gay members of her family? Does she believe that gays should marry?

Then have the bag of tricks to say so. Say, "Mr. Farrah, I believe in gay marriage, but because you do not, I can see we have a problem...thanks anyway for the invitation."

Or say, "I am a proud member of the Republican Party, and this year we MUST embrace the gays, and I intend to tow the party line."

That's class. But, that's not...DIVA.

And why does she get so gaga over all the birthers? Seriously. I often wonder, if Ann is actually a constitutional Harvard lawyer. My she faking it? I mean, here's a woman who spent almost a decade decimating the Clintons', and then, in the last election, she puts her vote behind the very villain she made millions off of...Hillary Clinton.

Where's the logic in that? She just erased every single thing she had said up to that point.

The American people are tired of flip-floppers. Mr. Farrah had a right to cancel her from the talk. He was trying to promote his agenda. It's his right. Ann, can say that she speaks everywhere, which pretty much makes her up for sale, and that's her right.

But for her to attack him with such melodramatic Diva-ness, means we must look for the reason: I think Joseph might know the answer.

He said it himself, on WND, in 1997:

"There's not a dime's worth of difference between the two major parties today, and that's a tragedy for our nation."

Joseph, is an American independent thinker. a Republican, which means...she works for the boys in the global-market of selling politics.

It's a tragedy to the nation, when one of its most brilliant essayist makes a banana- head out of herself by attacking a good man with frivolous remarks.

Joseph Farrah is more close to the real Americans in this country. He has always stood by the constitution, and still has the decency to give Ann a format.

So--can a publicity whore fake an orgasm? Can Lady Ga-Ga hang from the ceiling without losing her hat? Can Arianna Huffington stop being such a idiot?

Can a die-hard Grateful Dead fan actually claim tht she is a true conservative?

I'd say...she's faking it.



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