Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blogo, Mezvinsky, Clintons: Fine Criminal Traditions...

Nobody Wins---Life is just not fair...
What's the secret to staying out of jail? How come some politicians can manage to commit crimes and come out smelling like a rose? What's their secret? Is it the hair?
Let's compare just three:
1. You didn't hear about it, but the "man" that Chelsea Clinton just got married to comes from a background of criminals. His dad, Edward "Ed" Mezvinsky, (That's him in the red circle) was once a Democratic House Representative for Iowa. He was found guilty of 31 out of 60 very serious crimes of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. He went away for 5 years, but is now out, and I'm sure, attended the wedding of his son to the famous Chelsea, and is no doubt good friends with the Clintons. After all, he signed on to the impeachment of Nixon, which means, since Hillary Clinton worked on that famous lawyer team of "impeachment" dogs, they are dear friends. Not to mention, he's also worked for that outstanding and upright group of "citizens"...the United Nations, on civil rights. But life has been rotten to the guy...five years...the nerve of some judges.
2. And today, the notorious and lovable Blago (Rod Blagojevich, GOV of IL) was only found guilty of one charge out of 23 very serious crimes. All politicians bribe, sell senate seats, and have bad hair days.. they are so commonplace to the American people, we can't blame ANYONE for taking part in the game. His crimes were forgivable to the jury. He walked out a free man...and walked right up to the mike to...get this: complain. The jury said he lied to the FBI, and for THAT...he was complaining. I think he should be the next Burger King...but that's me.
3. And last but not least...the master of them all...Bill Clinton. He was never taken to impeachment for selling our nuclear secrets to China, or Vince Foster's Death, or Ron Brown's...plane crash..(don't get me into the plane crashes ) or starting a war in Kosovo because he was trying to divert attention away from his impeachment...no...he got off with a prayer service at Jesse (I had an affair too) Jackson. Well, you can be a President and lie to a grand jury, and go on to control the world as a very rich man, but he squawked like a pig in the middle a walk through Mecca throughout the whole affair. Poor guy is still trying to get over it.
It's tough when all the politicians you know, get by with...literally, murder, and whoa to you if they call you out on them. Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters...will all suffer in their multimillion dollar mansions in the Bahamas.
When all our politicians play the "get out of serious jail for free" card...and can also keep all their felonies and major crimes out of the news, and even, as in Blogo's (Roy, Blagojevich) case...glorified, Nobody ever Wins.
And we wonder why people keep running for office. Can you think of any other job in the world where you can commit major crimes and not be held accountable for it? In fact, you are rewarded for the excellent job you CAN do as a criminal?
Nope...to be able to threaten your daughter's potential boyfriends with drones...makes it all worth the effort. And they would all tell you...HEY...somebody has to do it! Might as well be me!



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